Sunday, April 26, 2015

snippety Sunday evening...

in which our plucky heroine has a productive weekend, with various forms of learning and changes...

These are my results from the "Make Your Own Paints" workshop this Saturday afternoon, taught by the illustrious Eulalia. I look forward to experimenting with these, and using the ideas discussed in the "Scribal Design" workshop that Marya taught that morning... Actual size of shells is around an inch across, the mussel shell is about two inches. The transparent object at the top is a ground glass stopper for a cruet, the flat end of which is used as a sort of miniature muller, to combine the pigment, gum arabic, and water when preparing the paint

tried something new this week and set up the Levenger editors desk on the dining table. I might have to leave it there, it sure makes it a lot easier to draw...

There was a good sized bowl full of salad for this week! So excited!! The seeds were planted on the 18th of March, sprouts appeared March 24th and April 23rd was the first real harvest.
The salad table is bursting with tender green growth, so much so that they are in need of being thinned out... there is little room for these plants to continue growing... so:
The first of four trays has now had some of the smaller plants thinned, leaving room for the ones that remain to continue growing, and the next three trays will soon be treated the same way. My hope is that the remaining plants will grow large enough for me to harvest individual leaves as an ongoing crop, for the next few months.

Finished embroidering the mouse family, which will decorate the yoke of a new undergown for Mindy, my friend and the Blue Cedar House matriarch...

Very annoyed, my iron seems to be coming apart: there is a rattling noise, I can see bits of loose bakelite in between the handle and the iron body, and the handle is very loose. I suspect that pixies dropped it, as I have not done anything so egregious. Since I use it for all my sewing commisions, I need to get a different appliance that is not broken... so...During one of my daily walks, stopped at Goodwill and found a used iron for $5 in their home goods. At those prices I can replace a lot of irons before even coming near the price of a new basic iron. Plus I picked up three new notebooks for my daily writing and some graph paper I needed for design work.

April SMART goals
1mobieus apronstrawberries plantedbin of twigs
2sewing tools necklacefront yard mowedbin of twigs
3sewing tools shadowboxbackyard mowedbin of twigs
4heart in hand necklaceside yard mowedweedblock fabric
5manyhands shadowboxnew garden bed -
6mouse family yokeferal roses tied up-
7medieval paintsalad table thinned-

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