Monday, April 27, 2015

Slow Sewing SWAP 2015 which our plucky heroine is making incremental progress on my planning and sewing, partially because of sewing for others instead, partially as effort is applied to shift the interior emotions, and partially as I sketch out ideas and concepts that may work around and with my fitting issues.

Nonetheless, today I opened my mailbox to find a delightful gift from my online friend Ruthie, who lives way round the curve of the planet from me, in Great Britain! She offered me some of her unused sewing patterns, and I picked Simplicity 8707 because it had some details that looked fun (hello flounced collar), and is both different from anything in my current wee pattern stash, and congruent with styles I enjoy wearing. There is a special family shindig coming up on the calendar in 2016, and a new pretty "dress up" dress would be a treat to have and wear...

In addition, Ruthie tucked into the packet a length of beautiful white Cluny style lace trim. This style of lace is one that was also popular as a dress trim when I was a young woman, and so doubly a treat!! I am thinking it might make a beautiful hemline insertion on a white linen petticoat, but have plenty of time to cogitate and figure out a delightfully appropriate garment that will show it off.

This gift has inspired me to combine my SWAP plans with the assorted sewing stash gifts that have come my way over the years, as a way of honoring the generosity and kindheartedness that connects me to the wide bright world of friendships. This is a theme I can really get excited about, stay tuned for further developments...


  1. What a lovely gift Ruthie sent you.

  2. I can feel my mojo tide rising... thanks to all who believe in me even when my own belief is shaky...

  3. Alison, i am sure i speak for all of us when i say for us it is not a belief, it is a knowing :)

    Ruthie you gem! That pattern especially. It really looks like a great expression of Alison, with collar or without!

  4. Aw thanks Steph!

    Later on this summer, when either I or one of my friends starts up an indigo vat, I am going to try dyeing the cotton lace, because indigo!! My friend Marya and I have been talking about trying some shibori; I just found out that when she was in school, her area of specialisation was mostly Japanese surface design techniques...

  5. Very cool. I love to see anything dyed with indigo.