Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine has a busy day...

... with much progress on the shadowboxes, a bike ride to the grocery store, some house chores, and another session in the front yard filling up the yard waste bin with twiggish brush from the Huge Mound O' Brush
. .
photos from two weeks ago, when Mr Dawson very kindly used his chainsaw on a stick, and other pruning tools, to make sure that the close ornamental plum tree didn't break my house, or my neighbors house, in the high winds that were due to arrive later that week... It did, however leave said Huge Mound O' Brush™ in the middle of the front yard

Have decided that what makes sense is to gradually send away all the tiny stuff, and save all that I cannot clip with the Felco pruner to be cut into rocket stove fuel. It will be impossible for me to use the push mower in the front yard without removing all the twigs and brush, as I found out...  but now the sun is setting, and it is time for dinner. Then more art-making after dinner and tomorrow.

There are several workstations set up here at Acorn Cottage this weekend, to ensure that all the pieces of the shadowbox artworks are completed and ready in time. I am building things painting and gluing things, stringing beads, and there will be some extra metalwork happening here as well. I am afraid that the taxes have gone on the back burner for the weekend...

Much to my surprise, while I was out in the yard this afternoon, my friend Dawn drove up with this delightful present for me...  Just over four yards of indigo and white true Japanese printed cotton fabric (14" wide)...

April SMART goals
1mobieus apron strawberries plantedbin of twigs
2--bin of twigs


  1. Gorgeous fabric and beautiful friend. What a lovely surprise!

    haha, mom is always snipping stuff up with her Felcos to go in the green bin, seems to be an activity of upstanding gardeners throughout the land. For a second i was like, "Mom...?"

    Very much looking forward to what happens with the shadowboxing! i've been wanting to have one or two for years to keep little feathers, nests, hatched eggshells, insect sheds and so on. This will be a great way to show tony what i'm talking about and how artistic they are :)

    Happy Bunny Springtime Day!!!!

  2. Steph - I am anything but an upstanding gardener, I have so many other avocations that I like more, though I do like having a pleasant yard, want to get better at growing some food treats, and dream of having some flowers I can cut and bring inside, I basically try and find things for the yard that will do well without my coddling them...

    The shadowboxes I am making are not quite what I think you are imagining, they are going to be sort of flat trays that will be an artwork that will have as part of the composition a piece that can be wearable, like a necklace or brooch or earrings... Your description reminds me more of a typesetters case, with lots of little compartments... Hmmmm now I have more ideas, but not for this project, maybe another one...