Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday fragments

Dogwoods in the neighborhood are in bloom right now, and it is difficult to choose which are the most beautiful, the pink or the red... though my mind casts back through the years and remembers trail riding in the Blue Hills, and the bright greeny-white native dogwood blossoms in the forest... it was a different world, and a lifetime away from here...

While the apron is far from perfect, it is definitely a wearable "muslin" and tidy, with all the edges neatly bound in lightweight denim. I am going to add some pockets, and call it done. (I have some ideas for the second go round "Apron XP2", using a different and even sillier piece of bark cloth, to get a design that fits a little better, less long in the torso, and longer and more shaping in the skirt) I am hoping that the "simple" apron project, which turned out to be not so simple but is beginning to intrigue me, may be the return of the missing mojo...

Of course, this is not yet renewing my very worn wardrobe. I have about six TNT patterns, and none of them fit me at all any more. I just need to put on my big girl panties and deal with it, but it isn't easy. Having a basic fitting sloper, bodice and sleeve, might be a definite help, but I would still have to re-create my set of TNT basic patterns. My sewing friends are mostly all online instead of local, or are doing sewing professionally, and I am no more likely to ask them to work for me for free than I am to ask my surgeon friend to treat me in hospital for free... I will admit to a bit of envy of those who have either husbands or local sewing pals to help with fitting; and am considering promising myself a long wished for dress form when I reach a long desired weight loss goal.

April SMART goals
1-strawberries plantedbin of twigs


  1. "My sewing friends are mostly all online instead of local," Alison, do you skype? It is not an extra pair of hands, but but could be an extra pair of eyes, which is esp. helpful from the back. I also lack a dressform, but at least have a full length mirror now (i used to just climb up on the toilet to see how i looked from the waist down in the vanity mirror).

    I can't imagine the mess which would ensue if my husband helped me in fitting, i'd be a more version of St. Sebastian attacked by pixie archers!

    But skyping could help with more minds and also it's fun to video chat - and free! I'm sending you an e-mail to discuss.

    1. First off Steph, I almost fell of my chair laughing when I read your comment about "St. Sebastian attacked by pixie archers" between that and the image of you climbing on top of the commode, I was quite giggly today!

      I have never done skype, since my tech savvy is fairly limited in some ways but not in others. I do not have a video camera, or whatever else is needed for that, I do have a simple desktop computer, but no fancy phone gizmos, my flip phone only does phone calls. I will take a look at my e-mail for more discussion, eh?

    2. Check your e-mail :)

      haha, at times i feel abashed when i see people sewing in their lusciously appointed studios, while i sit at the dining room table in my slip, with scratches here and there from pin fitting myself.

      At the same time i really like the freedom of being quite capable of setting up shop anywhere, anytime. Sewing happens with and without a dedicated space, with and without a machine. I think it forces creative solutions, as well.

      But I do appreciate the full length mirror!

  2. Well, that is a very pretty apron! And a nice heavy weight which will protect your clothes; quilting weight cotton just doesn't cut it for aprons, in my opinion. When you are sweating over the stove this summer, canning some goodies from the farmers' market, you might be grateful for the long upper bodice which allows a breezeway from one side to the other.

    1. I agree that quilting cotton is really best for quilting, not for aprons, unless they are worn as an accessory and not for actual work! The long upper bodice does allow easy access to the pockets in my regular clothing, though I admit that today I got confused as to which pocket I put my tape measure in...

  3. I like your apron. I make most of mine from quilting cotton, but use a double layer, which makes them sturdy enough for work and also, often reversible, which is fun. I need some new ones though, and might try this pattern, although I suspect it will need a lot of fitting work here too ;)