Thursday, April 9, 2015

et cetera

in which our plucky heroine woke up with some ideas floating around...

I love the planning aspect of SWAP or 6PAC, truly this is yet another example of my designer brain at play. Most of the ideas are for garments that use my stashed fabrics, suit my everyday life and would make me happy to wear. Unfortunately, my actual follow-through of sewing said wearables has been rather more like nonexistent, in part because of how much else I have going on in my everyday life. Hello art projects, and working life, I am looking at you right now!

I am thinking of setting up my own "Slow-Sewing SWAP" where instead of a four month timeline, I give myself a twelve month timeline. I can could probably manage a garment a month, and if inspired to do more, all to the good! Adding twelve new pieces to the barren landscape of my closet will help a lot. The only "rule" I will give myself is to make garments that will replace the ones in my current wardrobe that get worn until they wear out, because those are the ones that are the most "active"... 

Continuing to make steady slow progress on the pieces for the art show later this month. Masonite "hands", found while rummaging about, are now layered with pattern tissue paper, and will become components in the next collaged shadowbox.  Paint and sand and glue...paper and wood... not usually part of my metalwork and enameling scenario, but is rather fun, in between being terrified. Very strange the way old echos of the judgemental past still reverberate. Am trying to remember the delighted young child I once was, who loved making things, and let her out to play...

For some reason, this post from Myth & Moor feels quite germane to my current state of mind...


April SMART goals
1mobieus apronstrawberries plantedbin of twigs
2sewing tools necklace-bin of twigs
3sewing tools shadowbox--


  1. My sewing life is usually a 12-month SWAP-that-doesn't-necessarily-go-together! I have really been pushing myself the last few years, to finish a SWAP last year and a couple of 6PACs. But the real me is a slow sewer. Life gets more complicated than I predicted, or the garment gets more complicated, or something shiny distracts me and I have to fly over and pick it up w/my beak and bring it back to my nest! I am old enough (65 in a month) to move more slowly if I want to! And so are we all, if we want to! And I have to say, rummaging around and finding a bunch of masonite hands is a little bit magical! Your rummaging area sounds very interesting!!! I always love reading your posts even if I don't comment very much!!!!

  2. It is always a treat to read your comments Claire. You have seen my house, the whole place is actually the "rummaging area" though I am working, albeit slowly, on developing organization so as to make it possible to find categories of things in their "homes" instead of having them turn up at random, however serendipitously charming that may be.