Wednesday, April 29, 2015


in which our plucky heroine takes a closer looksee around the yard...

The big euphorbia in the front yard is about to go to seed. The huge chartreuse blossom clusters every year are really spectacular, but the way it reseeds everywhere had me thinking of pruning them off now that this year's seeds are ripening, which will allow the plant to divert energy from seed production to vegetation. To my surprise, the plant seems to be chock full of ladybugs...
... and a closer look lets me see just why they are there...doing the ladybug thing and hunting down aphids! The tiny mighty hunter has captured some sweet tasty green prey:

These interesting mushrooms turned up in one of the fig tree pots this morning, and by this evening their caps had entirely disappeared. I suspect that the odd weather cycle of peculiarly warm weather, then rain,  then back to pleasant cool dampness has encouraged fungi to colonize the mulch.

Hmmm April is looking like a month of accomplishment, but that "things gone" column needs to start catching up with the rest of the pack... and not much month left to do so!
April SMART goals
1mobieus apronstrawberries plantedbin of twigs
2sewing tools necklacetaxes donebin of twigs
3sewing tools shadowboxfront yard mowedbin of twigs
4heart in hand necklacebackyard mowedweedblock fabric
5manyhands shadowboxside yard mowed-
6mouse family yokenew garden bed -
7medieval paintferal roses tied up-
8three tops for Joansalad table thinned-


  1. keeping busy is a necessity here at Acorn Cottage! I really enjoyed looking back on my "Rising 60" SMART goals chart at the end of 2014, and hope to have an equally productive 2015. I find that finding simple ways to quantify effort helps me with motivation