Thursday, March 12, 2015

spring flowers

... in which our plucky heroine finds the perfect gift...

There is a reason I live here and not where I grew up... look closely at the thermometer outside my parent's kitchen window:
I had sent a small box of twigs from the forsythia and the ornamental plum in my yard to my mother for her birthday (since she was sadly unable this year to retrieve some forsythia branches of her own to force for indoor flowers, said shrubbery being under six feet of snow); somehow, and unexpectedly, in transit the twigs opened all their blossoms, so she received instead a box of already blooming springtime.


  1. What a lovely idea for a gift for your mum. She must have been so pleased. Where does she live?

  2. My family lives just outside of Boston, all the way on the other side of the country from where I am... They usually have a snowy winter, but this year has been epic! We, on the other hand, have had an alarmingly warm and dry winter here, the mountains here that are usually full of snow are bare and dry, which will mean summer drought and greater fire danger :(

    What really surprised me was that the twigs I sent, which were only barely showing flower buds, opened up whilst en route over the two days it took for the package to travel there!! That made the gift even more of a surprise than I expected

  3. how magical that the buds decided to open themselves while in their hiding place! my mother used to bring in forsythia and pussy willows so we'd have some early spring in the house. forsythia are so evocative of spring! what a good gift!! Poor Boston, 9 feet of snow in one winter. . . perfect weather for running away from home.

  4. Whay a lovely gift for your mother :-)