Wednesday, March 18, 2015

not the back forty...

in which our plucky heroine begins a grand experiment in growing salad greens on the front porch...

The "Salad Table" is an idea that has been popularised by the University of Maryland Extension Service. The table itself was built last October, at another of the epic Blue Cedar House visitations; the trays just this last weekend, and with a very modest amount of effort on my part, the whole contraption is now ready for liftoff...

My hope and intention is that this will be an easily maintained growing space and add "zero mileage" nutritious salad fixings to daily meals here at Acorn Cottage. It should make good use of small amounts of salvaged household water that is gathered when waiting for the hot water to reach the kitchen or bathroom faucets during daily activities.  The worm castings from the kitchen worm bin will help maintain the soil fertility; not quite a closed loop system, but definitely a net gain. This project has been on my to-do-someday list for years, and finally has made it into the sphere of everyday reality...
The internal trays, with their bottoms of half inch galvanized mesh, also get a layer of window screening, to keep the soil in place. Fortunately there was a roll of screening in the Useful Pile, so the only materials needed to be purchased were potting soil and seeds

The trays in the salad table have been filled with potting soil and compost and a mixture of mild mesclun greens and lettuces have been planted. A scrap of bird netting is currently laying over the trays, in the hope of discouraging avian vandals until I can add an arching wire mesh cover...

March SMART goals
1ginger candied peelsill boards sandedyard waste bin
29 tiny enamelsfront yard weeded
39 brooch settings  close plum pruned
4Bill SCA pantsmore mulch spread -
5Mindy undergownapple tree pruned-
6Mindy embroideryarborvitae pruned-
7Mindy aprondresssalad table trays-
8Laurel underdressworm bin renovated -
9Laurel aprondresssalad table planted-
10kawaii coasters--

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