Tuesday, March 31, 2015

new growth

in which our plucky heroine takes a look in the backyard...

Last year a feral grapevine started growing in the middle of the back yard here, probably planted by squirrels... not wanting a big vine rambling round the center of the mulched area, Mindy moved it for me, over next to the south facing fence on the edge of the yard.

It seems none the worse for the move, and has begun to sprout new leaves! The intention is to encourage it to grow up along the side of the fence, as the chain link is strong enough to support a grape vine; the pruning books here have information about how to care for grape vines (and other soft fruits)

While I do not expect grapes, it would be lovely to have it vigorous enough that I can steal some grape leaves from time to time for homemade dolmas!

Today was the first day that apple blossoms opened on the tree in the backyard here. Not sure if there will be any apples this year, since it is pouring down rain and hail, which tends to discourage pollination, but they are so pretty all covered with raindrops:

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