Tuesday, March 3, 2015

coasting along

In which our plucky heroine realises that one good thing about decluttering is finding out what household things you have plenty of, and what things are missing...

I have a plentitude of pillowcases, but no coasters. I have therefore put together a "kit" to turn some cherished fabric into a set of coasters for the house. I like having an assortment of small handwork projects to use the time spent on transit in a useful way...
Years ago, Abby sent me this amazing Japanese fabric, as a thank you gift for tracking down an obscure bit of data. The design has all the oriental zodiac animals inside clamshells (which I've since found out is in reference to a period "memory game") Rather than cut up the fabric for modern trim, by turning it into coasters I will be able to highlight the beautiful whimsey of the textile motifs, and enjoy it far longer than any garment would last. Once quilted, which will be the work of a week or so riding the bus, the edges will be bound with another Japanese fabric, some mostly indigo ripstop cotton. The tabletops here at Acorn Cottage will be safely protected...


  1. Your coasters are very very cute! But I am more interested in the idea of thinking through the household items I have a lot of and the ones I am missing. I'm going to keep that in mind the next time I take inventory of pillow cases and dishtowels.

  2. Pretty fabric and will be a wonderfully useful item.