Sunday, February 15, 2015

weekend wanderings

... in which our plucky heroine is continuing to dedicate a portion of the before breakfast think-and-design time to the pieces for the art show this April....

It has been a long time since I made pieces of art "just because" instead of just for work.  My "brilliant" concept for the necklace portion of this piece turned out not so brilliant... using bone and mother-of-pearl buttons will be far too visually solid (plus uncomfortably heavy to wear)... back to square zero and rethink that part of the design. This pendant necklace is only part of a larger composite artwork, and will be detachable from it, so it will need to work with the larger composition in addition to as an independent art object.

Saturday my pal Ursel came over, and we went on a St Johns ramble round for an afternoon excursion, with lunch at Anna Bannanas, and then a walk down to Cathedral Park and back, which resulted in not only a weary if plucky heroine but 8230 steps (almost three miles) logged into the pedometer today, a personal best so far this year! I get tired, and have to stop and rest, but I am determined to rebuild my stamina. And truly 'twas a lovely temperate day for a walkabout and looksee...
This wee cottage has another house or shed back behind it, and a lovely Arts and Crafts color scheme of rusty red, deep sage green and lots of natural wood.

Looking up at the underside of the iconic St Johns Bridge, from the dock on the river in Cathedral Park.

At the start of the walk back up the hill, the lowering light made amazing shadows along the sidewalk...

.. and Ursel was captivated by the mossy landscapes on the parapet

Couldn't resist another hellebore portrait, these were outside of Burgerville... We finished up our ramble with a visit to St Johns Booksellers which is always worth a treasure hunting visit, and then headed back home for some beadwork before Ursel left for home

Since my Le Beguinage swap partner is far more organised about getting things mailed out… my package arrived before the deadline for mailing! She included some of my favorite and always somehow gone missing tools (yarn needles and pocket tape measure), some fun note taking supplies, chocolate in the form of mohair, a Very Useful set of vintage interchangeable needles, origami paper that will be most welcome at this years Honor Feast (our guest of honor has a Japanese persona) and a fun knitted crown. The crown is charming, though will admit that at first was a bit baffled about the “odd sort of knitted collar”, and then it dawned on me what it was… plus I suspect that when my two young friends Ellie and Laurel come to visit, it will be a lovely prop for imaginative play.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely and interesting walk.

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous day for a walk.

  3. The weather here has been delightful, if worriesome... it shouldn't be warm and dry enough to be out without a coat in February, which doesn't bode well for summer not being droughty, (but it is truly enjoyable for walks or bike rides)

  4. A three-mile walk is very impressive! Congratulations on that.