Wednesday, February 18, 2015

progress report on the very messy sewing room which our plucky heroine notices results...

In my life happy change happens slowly. Back last August, sketches of ideas for the small bedroom were a seed, and that September saw the start of decluttering the fabric and textile zone. Uncounted bags of excess things were sent to Goodwill and to SCRAP, and while the first pass of declutter has finally been completed, another round will accompany the actual organising of the space, yet to occur. At least the room now easily converts to a guest space, which is one of the two desired functions, and also works well as a sewing space. Come, let's take a tour...

The west wall, after the first pass of decluttering, prior to the yet-to-be-done sorting of things into dedicated places.

Once I have a chance to get going on phase two, this wall will have everything below the wall shelf removed, and possibly shallow shelving added, for things like serger cone thread and pressing tools. There will be room in the corner to store the ironing board. The patterns need another sort and cull, and they can be stored in a less accessible location, as they are mostly reference material and not actively in use. I am thinking that my yarn stash could live on the top shelf, it is light, and doesn't cause damage when falling from shelves in earthquakes.

The north wall... Now there is room on either side of the futon couch, which makes it easier for guests to get in and out of bed. This is also where I sit when sewing; the futon is a good height and the folding sewing tables are close at hand.

Pretty happy with how this part of the room works... phase two (for this side of the room) involves adding a hanging light near the futon, and a small storage nightstand next to it, for guests. Oh, and at some point all the carpet will be removed in this room, and replaced with the Ikea flooring I purchased years ago, and the walls will be painted some color of the not-white variety.

The east wall, the primary storage for fabric and machines, after the first pass of decluttering. There will be a second sort later, but for now it is all visible and accessible. I love my sewing machine shelf! The small folding tables (leaning against the wall under the shelves) that Natasha gifted to me see frequent use here, and not just for sewing. I am so grateful that she suggested and included the second table, and I think of her generosity every time I use them...

Phase two for this wall will involve actually organising the fabric, and moving commonly used notions and supplies into decorative functional storage in the prime shelf location in the corner. (long range plans are to build in more wall-hung shelving and find new homes for the bulky corner shelves...)

The south (closet) wall is very much a work in process, and most of what is here will be moved into other configurations or may go away with the second pass of declutter and sort. I am planning a curtain for the "closet door" to reduce the visual clutter in the room while preserving easy access.

Phase two will include dealing with the wall of clipboards, a second declutter sort of the closet contents, and organising them into user-friendly groupings, and making space in the IVAR shelves for "sewing for others" projects. I'd love to replace the central chipboard/laminate dresser/wire drawer unit, possibly with more IVAR, but that will probably need to wait 'til phase three!

February SMART goals
1blue tunic embroideryKon-Mari 3 drawersbag to Goodwill
2corbie cowlnightstands clearedbag to Goodwill
3gastropod needlebookbed lamps transformedbag to Goodwill
4blue kitty needlebooklamp brackets installedbag to Goodwill
5rosewater candied peelcloset clearedpaper recycling
6-dressers movedpaper recycling
7-kitchen art rearrangedcardboard recycle
monitor to Goodwill



  1. Very tidy and making a lot of sense layout wise.

  2. Great job of decluttering. You have done a wonderful job of planning where and why items go into certain places. Good luck on your next decluttering layer or level.

    My decluttering for the sewing room is done until we move. It has taken me 4 years to get it down to where it is today. I am happy with that but it did shock me as to how many boxes went to the thrift shop.