Friday, February 20, 2015

not just wasting cubic... which our plucky heroine has a day so subtle and good...

Took part of the day off to go see the Carson Ellis show over at Nationale, which was unsurprisingly well worth looking at. I love her design sense and sweet whimsy. The show was her original illustrations from "Home", her new picture book just being published...

Stopped off on my bus journey back home to give my beloved acupuncturist and friend Sharon Rose a hug, and ended up being able to help by driving (in her car) over to pick up the desperately needed cat food, while she was working. So I got extra hug goodness, got to practice my driving, got to be helpful, got to snag myself some supper at Viking Soul Food (mmmm smoked salmon lefse wrap), and the day isn't even over yet! Tonight my Seattle pals Eva and Mickey are staying here overnight...

Had this song running through my head today... a good day... a day when I am not just filling up cubic, but delighting in beauty and following the breeze of connection... grateful to be still dancing in the bright world...


February SMART goals
1blue tunic embroideryKon-Mari 3 drawersbag to Goodwill
2corbie cowlnightstands clearedbag to Goodwill
3gastropod needlebookbed lamps transformedbag to Goodwill
4blue kitty needlebooklamp brackets installedbag to Goodwill
5rosewater candied peelcloset clearedpaper recycling
6-dressers movedpaper recycling
7-kitchen art rearrangedcardboard recycle
monitor to Goodwill
paper recycling
10--box to Goodwill

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