Monday, February 23, 2015

early springtime is early...

... in which our plucky heroine notices that right next door, the sunshine says that spring is here, even though the calendar denies it...

Saturday was the Dragon's Mist monthly Arts & Sciences shindig, with many classes offered... Despite only a few hours of sleep the night before, since Seattle pals arrived here shortly before dawn, my class on Surface Couching and the Bayeux Tapestry stitch went surprisingly rather well. All the students were able to do both stitches in the two hours allotted, and we even delved into the mystery of Outline Stitch. Had some good feedback about an additional way to improve the class by using a series of step-by-step samples of the stitching process (a la Julia Child).

The afternoon I devoted to learning something new to me: "Punto in Aria" 16th century style needle lace. In the four hour class, we started on a wee sample of the very basics of this stitchery:
This is the not-quite-completed sample of a technique that is a lot of fun to work. The pattern is on thin cardboard, and all the joining places have a basted thread to guide the actual lacemaking and hold it in place until it is all properly stitched.

The completed Punto in Aria needlelace medallion is surprisingly solid for something so dainty... I have done nothing to it other than cut the basting threads and take it off the cardboard and it stands up all by itself! Thank you to THL Prudence Goodheart for a wonderful workshop, you are an inspiring and passionate instructor!

Sunday was an excursion to our local Ikea, with much looking at various housey items, a break in the middle for necessary and tasty lunch (thank you Jess, the salmon gravlax was delicious!) and I not only brought home the beechwood cutting board I have been eyeing, but also found inexpensive packages of ball bearing shower rings (BRINGEN) that I had no idea Ikea carried, since they are not on the website. Those will be just the thing for the closet curtains I plan on making, and this means I need not hunt them down by going to hardware stores all over town, as delightful but excessively time-consuming as that would be...


February SMART goals
1blue tunic embroideryKon-Mari 3 drawersbag to Goodwill
2corbie cowlnightstands clearedbag to Goodwill
3gastropod needlebookbed lamps transformedbag to Goodwill
4blue kitty needlebooklamp brackets installedbag to Goodwill
5rosewater candied peelcloset clearedpaper recycling
6-dressers movedpaper recycling
7-kitchen art rearrangedcardboard recycle
monitor to Goodwill
paper recycling
10--box to Goodwill
11--bag to Goodwill
hmmm... still need to fix a few more things this month...

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  1. Hey that looks great. Sounds like you had a fun time, and shared your knowledge with others too!