Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday snippets

... in which our plucky heroine makes a bouquet of straws grasped...

A portrait of the second snowdrop of 2015... I am tempted to find a way to plant more small bulbs here, they are always so cheering, not because eager for winter to be over, but because they are so stalwart about returning...

Yay! Seville orange marmalade success!! Six eight ounce jars, and one four ounce jar sealed and cooling. Nothing burned, texture is perfect, and I've some oranges left that didn't go into the batch, to try making period orange peel preserves. I'll probably also make some blood orange marmalade in the next week or two, now that I've got my confidence back again... My three favorite sweet preserves are quincemeat, marmalade, and strawberry rhubarb, and that order is the one in which the ingredients come available...

Just started reading "the life-changing magic of tidying up". While I am not sure I could carry out some of her instructions (no way am I dumping all my books in a pile on the floor to sort through them) I am drawn to her ideas, and finding myself starting to think about my possessions slightly differently, already...

In March, at the Heraldry Arts & Science Day, I'll be teaching a two hour class on carving a simple stamp that can be used for block printing.
This is an example of the kind of design that can be made in this class (this is my current SCA badge, which is used as a mark of "ownership")
This is an example of something you can do with a simple stamp... the background fabric of this sizeable tent wall hanging is printed in an allover pattern using the stamp of my badge (the central panel is a painted decoration inspired by my arms, that I made in a worshop taught by Linnet Kestrel many years ago)


  1. ahhh strawberry rhubarb!! what an excellent combination. I love it too.
    I read the tidying book too. It did make me take a second stern look at the way I treat my socks! My read is that her clients do not have sewing equipment and fabrics!

  2. Claire, you are the first one of my friends I have found that have actually read the book. The first thing I did was rearrange my socks and undies drawer in my dresser! I will admit that it now looks about 100% better than it did with everything stacked up horizontally. Then next thing I did was to do the same thing to the drawer next to the sink where I keep my dishcloths and tea towels! Perhaps those will become seed crystals to form a new tidier life here at Acorn Cottage... I think you are correct, though I would love to imagine how she might tackle a sewing room, since that and my workroom are my two biggest challenges. After all, you cannot fold up metal bits into a tidy package and expect to use them again!

    When I make strawberry rhubarb jam this spring, I will set a jar or two aside for you :)

  3. Your carved simple stamp is pretty. The quality of your workmanship is always "a cut above." Sorry for the pun.

    My grandma used to make strawberry rhubarb jam. I think she used Jello to make it but I'm sure there are better recipes. That was maybe one of those experiments we who cook like to try once in awhile.

  4. I imagine that you could use gelatine, but I'd prefer to use either apple pectin or redcurrants... I experimented with using redcurrant using this recipe: