Thursday, January 22, 2015

old school

... in which our plucky heroine is just a little bit quirky...

Every year in January I cut out, punch, and blockprint 3x5 cardstock calendar pages for my tiny aluminum Japanese notebook, my everyday hardcopy old-style planner. Two thirds of the way through the month and I am just now getting around to it... Back in 2010 when it became difficult to find printed inserts, I carved my own blank calendar stamp set that does a whole page at at time. I then need to fill in the actual numerical dates, but that is pretty quick. DIY for the win, it might be slow but it is all my own design, and the cardstock holds up much better than the flimsy paper currently available, even if I could find monthly calendar pages in this size...


  1. This is so surprisingly lovely! What a smarty pants you are!

  2. a truly smart plucky heroine would do this on the first of the year... but really I just like designy things that suit my style, or as the old saying goes "champagne taste on a beer budget..."