Thursday, January 1, 2015

goals post for 2015

... in which our plucky heroine looks at the distance a year makes...

Last year at this time I wrote: "For 2014 my goal is to believe enough that I will make it through another year that having goals is possible... and with that belief, make progress on the aspects of my life that are the most out of balance." I have made that some progress towards beginning to believe that more years may be possible. It seems that by paying attention to my physical environment, by choosing to improve it, by deciding to live as if there would be a tomorrow, by moving towards a house and life that supports what I want to be doing, my inner life has indeed shifted to some extent.

As far as the eightfold spokes of my life, some progress was made in a few parts, and none at all in others. Last year I wrote: "I need to make progress in 2014 on improving basically everything about my life (except my relationships with family and friends, which is excellent); there are areas which I understand the needed direction and steps, being held back only by my own fears, and there are areas where I have no idea how or even what would make the situation better... Well, needs must take what steps seem apparent, and trust that in time the muddy water will settle and clear

#1 career - only new teaching I did in 2014 was an SCA embroidery class. In 2015 I will teach more stitchery and enameling workshops, and will begin an active approach to more teaching venues

#2 health - in 2014 I went a month without dairy, and found that made no difference other than I became grouchy. went a month without grain and felt much improved. Acquired a pedometer, which is becoming a useful tool. In 2015 I will eat more salads, drink water more, as well as continue tracking walkies. Start a monthly graph to track progress!

#3 personal development/education - in 2014 did none of this, didn't do anywhere near as much sewing as normal even... and didn't learn any new metal or enameling skills either. In 2015 I will complete at least one 6PAC and SWAP 2015, including developing a bodice/blouse sloper. I will complete at least one of the three Craftsy classes, as well as seeing out assistance with bodice fitting. I will explore some way to learn something new in metalwork/enamel. In additon I will prepare at least three or four new artworks for a show in April/May

#4 family/friends - in 2014 this was the only part of my life where I could say: keep on with doing well... In 2015 I have every expectation to be able to say Yep, this is the best part of my life!!

#5 household/environment - in 2014 I completed the "discard 60 grocery bags or the equivalent column of my year long challenge, and have been working with Kaitline on decluttering. In 2015 I will continue the process and begin to organise my supplies, tools and materials, as well as household goods. This is an ongoing project that is going well.

#6 romance/personal relationships - In 2014 I wanted a local companion, and had no idea how to make that a reality. In 2015 I still have no clue what small steps to take, where to begin, and feel more hopeless than ever...

#7 finances - In 2014 I decided I wanted a sustainable income. Not sure what that would be like. Haven't done the math yet. The only thing I did differently in 2014 was to act as general contractor for the Great Orb of Dominion project and the An Tir Crown bid presentation. In 2015 I will do the math to figure out what a liveable income would be, which will help me set new goals.

#8 fun/recreation - in 2014 I attended more SCA events, as well as a few additional non-SCA social activities. In 2015 I will both continue to be active socially and also re-start Crafternoon gatherings once a month

In the aspect of household environment there is continuing effort and useful changes, which I've every intention of continuing to move forward. In the aspect of fun and recreation, I did attend more SCA events this year, and once or twice did something creative just because I wanted to see what would happen and not for work or a specific outcome. I'm hoping to find a way to do more of that sort of playful experimentation. In the aspect of family and friends, my connections remain solid, and there was even a trip cross country to visit my beloved parents on their 60th anniversary. So where last year saw only one of the eight spokes feeling solid, this year there are three in improved condition.

About the other five spokes: personal development/education, career, health, finances, and romance/personal relationships... these are aspects of my life that I'd also like to pay attention to, but have much less of a clue as to what handles to grasp and move to change things. With the changes I worked on this year, the initial small steps were obvious, and could be done in a kaizen fashion. More thought is needed. Action is needed.

I shall have to call that progress, even if not as much progress as this impatient girl would like. Still cogitating on how best to quantify moving-forward-change in 2015...

I follow Terry Windling's blog Myth and Moor, and today she posted this lovely "Bunny Blessing for New Year's Eve", and our plucky heroine just had to share it, wishing for all my dear ones a year to come where the Fox passes us by, and where the Earth springs renewed under our feet:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to Earth, my soul to keep.
I pray to Wind, for gentle dreams.
To Water, for sweet murmurings.
To Grass, where I will make my bed.
To moss, where I will rest my head.
To blood's Fire, to keep me warm.
To Dark, to keep me safe from harm.
To Moon, to dim her silver light,
so Fox will pass me by tonight.
I pray to Stars, who watch above.
Bless me, and everyone I love.


  1. Hi Alison. I discovered your beautiful handiwork on Stitcher's Guild and followed your blog for over a year. So this year I'm going to climb out of my comfort zone to thank you, and many other bloggers, for sharing with us the trials and tribulations of their lives. Its a very brave thing to do and a big commitment to carry out. So, just to let you know, I appreciate it. Best wishes from Chesterfield in the UK.

    1. That's quite spooky! Who would have thought Alison had two followers from Chesterfield in the UK? I live there as well!

  2. Thank you Pam! I hope that the new year brings you all good things... I started blogging as a way to document and remember my activities, and over the years it has turned into a way to also share what I know, and to make connections with people all over the world, which is just delightful. It remains something I do for my own amusement and pleasure (unlike some blogs that are actually small businesses for their owners) I jokingly say that I have three hobbies: sewing, historical re-creation, and blogging.

    I do try and maintain a balance here, between sharing my creative efforts, my adventures and also my struggles. Everyone has a life that is more complex than it looks on the surface, and I respect the different choices bloggers make about how much to share. For me, I wanted to not turn into "cancer girl" when that was my primary challenge, but I also didn't want to keep it secret, because I figure that you never know who else is struggling, that may feel a little less alone to know that others are right there also... Plus, by doing what I can to maintain focus on the more positive parts of my life, it helps me keep my focus there as well. I get very excited when I hear that someone has found my instructions or description of a stitchery challenge solved to be useful to them. I hope to "see" you on Stitchers Guild, and feel free to comment here whenever you wish