Sunday, January 18, 2015

brought to you by the letter P which our plucky heroine spends the weekend with her dear Blue Cedar House friends, making progress on all manner of things: assorted projects, a plinth, wardrobe planning, and assorted pleasantry... (with a tiny preview of pi(e))

Earlier this week began a simple couched embroidery design, on some woven-in striped linen; I like using the striped fabric as part of the embellishment, when I find stripes in a useful configuration. I think that this is the very last of this one inch wide stripe natural and white linen, which started out as a thrifted women's straight skirt about fifteen years ago, and eventually became yards of trim on assorted SCA clothing. (this kind of easy embroidery will be part of what I will be teaching at the February Arts and Sciences Day that Dragon's Mist is sponsoring next month)
Planning the tunic embroidery for William Robertson; a Twa Corbies design for the front yoke panel... this shows my image development from my first small quick sketch of the tunic in the center to the final design for the embroidery, which will be in cream outline stitch and couching on indigo linen. The stripes and circles embroidery will cover the seams where the sleeves attach to the body, and their contrast will make a focal point of his broad shoulders, with the front yoke panel a more subtle embellishment...


This weekend I also had a chance to help Mindy (Mrs Robertson) get a little more comfortable with sewing; she wanted to learn to stitch a hem by hand, and by the time they needed to go home, well more than three-quarters of her SCA underdress* hem was successfully stitched. We talked about my also teaching her some hand embroidery, and to become comfortable using the sewing machine.

After a late brunch on Sunday, the three of us also sat down to plan out what clothing would be a good set of basic kit for an SCA weekend, and matched up the fabrics they had brought down with suitable garment ideas for the two of them and their little daughter. My goal is to have my friends be able to attend a three day event and be well and comfortably clothed, since they are wanting to get a bit more involved in my other favorite hobby...

This weekend also saw the start of one big/small project: beginning the refrigerator plinth, a framework to raise my wee fridge up to a slightly more accessible height. It will be covered with a plywood skin and have a sliding drawer in the middle. Not anywhere as huge as it looks here, camera forced perspective somehow made this whole image look really odd 'tis about a foot tall and 2 ft x 2 ft square, and in fact Mr Robertson, while tall, is not as tall as the ceiling either!

And Sunday morning...the proto-plinth in place: raising the fridge just one foot makes a huge difference in how easy it is to access the lower shelf, and the bottom veggie drawer. This makes me all kinds of happy!!

There will be further work done on this project, a storage drawer to be made, and surface improvements: screw holes filled, edge banding applied, and a wood finish added once the outdoor temperature cooperates. I am considering adding a layer of true linoleum to the top, which will be both beautiful and practical, there is a large scrap in storage that might be suitable

The interesting thing is that what seems like a small change has really had a big effect on the "flow" of space in the kitchen. The whole kitchen space now seems less open, even though the floor plan is identical... Though perhaps simply rearranging the artwork, and maybe adding shelving of some sort might be an option, possibly storage for spices, mugs and/or cookbooks??? I foresee some cardboard mockups in my future, once some of the other, more urgent, projects are completed. Overall though, this is a project that will make a difference on a daily basis...

The weekend went by all too quickly, and when planning our next meeting, the first day we all had free was March 14th... you know... Pi(e) Day! This will be a grand opportunity for a Pi Day Crafternoon!! Our intention is to spend Friday working on housey projects, and then Saturday afternoon I will host a Crafternoon here, to celebrate Pi Day with an all pie potluck and crafty shindig...

* I started working on her underdress back in November, and while it has been mostly completed for the last two months, I hadn't finished the hemline, just folded it up and put it aside while I worked on holiday and 12th Night things...

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