Wednesday, December 24, 2014

wishful Wednesday - a glimmer of new goals

in which our plucky heroine, in the midst of keeping busy, is beginning to cogitate long thoughts, as the dark days of winter often encourage, as the year wheel trundles on...

The 2014 year-long  SMART* goal challenge, soon to be completed, has been an excellent way to maintain focus, and am wondering in what way to continue that in the year to come. There is certainly enough to-do here that would fill another entire year-chart. I've the desire to also further my professional life (which has been sorely neglected for the last several years). Decades ago I asked for a life that made sense, which then and now has always meant to me a life not chopped into pieces, but a life where the making of things and the sharing of knowledge is a tidal sea that moves between me and the bright world. Rather a roundabout way to say that I don't want a separate category added for "art-making". Not sure what to call the need for expansion beyond comfort, leaping out of the self-made box, while at the same time deepening awareness and contracting into strength. The girl with the Huge Vocabulary is at a loss for words...

Alongside all that, have been making a concerted effort to move forward on the "things fixed" category for 2014, given the limitations of time and money at present. While some of these are quite small in scope, they are all things that make a big difference in one way or another:

The shower handpiece fits into a plastic housing where the pipe comes out of the wall. The original plastic piece lasted less than five years before splitting in two, and the replacement part was not quite the exact same size, but a fraction of an inch larger in diameter, so that when the handpiece was set in place it rotated outward, spraying water out into the room instead of in the desired direction! Not okay. After much thought, it occurred to me that a useful shim could be made from discarded bicycle inner tube, which most all bike shops will give away for free. Initially my intention was to somehow lash or glue a strip of the tubing to the handpiece, but when I brought it home, the Very Simple Solution was to run warm water over a bit of the inner tube, until it could be stretched over the end of the joining ferrule, having first removed the actual shower head. Trim the ends evenly, reassemble, and voila, problem solved! The shower handpiece now stays in the exact location as placed!

Clothes mending counts as fixing, so replacing the worn binding on the black vertical pique pinafore will have it back in everyday rotation once again. I added a row of the same black corduroy bias along the hemline edge, so that the difference in material looks intentional, a vintage repair style tip. The fabric this pinafore is made from is one I have only ever seen this one time, I love it very much and hope for a number of additional years of wear.

At Project Night a clever suggestions had me add furnace filter to the list, and a good thing too. Was an easy fix but a most needful one. I am going to write in on the calendar when to change it during the year. The furnace only runs for five months or less, so that is a change it two times a year, but best not forget...

Early this year, my beloved teak bowl had an Unfortunate Encounter with an orange. I tried the technique of soaking paper towels with white vinegar, "plaster" them all over the inside of the bowl, then let the vinegar evaporate. It made a significant difference in how the inside of the bowl smells. No longer musty/moldy like rotten orange, but somewhat like vinegar and slightly floral?  My thought is to turn the box into a period sewing kit, by building a wooden lid for it, and some leather hinges, but that is a project for next year...

December SMART goal challenge
1 red-dyed wool,
from pokeberries
hem and new pockets
on Stacey dress
paper recycling
2 grey slip-dress new printer cable bag to Goodwill
3 two kitty face
shower handpiece
encased in rubber
4 four more kitty
 black pinafore edges
new bias binding
5 acorn ornament new furnace filter ----------
6 sekrit santa gift deodorise teak bowl ----------
7 looper potholder re-attach downspout ----------
8 wool Laurel
* ----------
9 ---------- * ----------

SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely

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