Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday snippets

... in which our plucky heroine attempts to both catch up on missed sleep and increase forward momentum, as there is just a wee bit more than two weeks to complete my SMART goals challenge...

This time of year fresh seasonal grapefruit begins to appear in the markets. I particularly like the ones that are all rosy on the outside and red on the inside...
My food album looks as if most of what I do in the kitchen is play with citrus peelings. This is grapefruit peel; so photogenic with the light behind it! I find that if it is blanched thrice, it isn't necessary to cut away the thick white parts, which eventually turn to beautiful translucent bittersweet candy that I love far more than chocolate...

My SCA heraldic device change passed, it now reflects my personal symbolism more precisely. The running horse that is the main charge on my arms has been a personal icon for decades, the acorn with oak leaves for almost as long. My life consists of moving forward while remaining cognizant of the past, both personally and in my artistry. Regarding the acorn ...
"The oak sleeps in the acorn ... Dreams are the seedlings of realities."
- James Allen

for some reason this photo reminds me of the charts we made back in high school biology class about inherited traits, when we were studying genetics... but instead it is four more kitty face needlebooks, ready to go to their forever homes. The grey cat is also going to get a companion tape measure case: a mouse with the tail being the tape measure. That will be a treat to design and make!

Am attempting to allow playtime to occur as it will (when not interrupting time-bound activities), and today some time spent just fooling around with felt and floss...


December SMART goal challenge
1 red-dyed wool,
from pokeberries
hem and new pockets
on Stacey dress
2 grey slip-dress * *
3 two kitty face
* *
4 acorn ornament * ----------
5 four more kitty
* ----------
6 * * ----------
7 * * ----------
8 * * ----------
9 ---------- * ----------


  1. I am in awe.
    I found your blog while I was looking for medlar recipes.
    I am in the shire of Druim Doineann, and I have 5 medlar trees in my front yard. Currently I'm making medlar jelly, and medlar comfits.
    Anyhow, I've not been active in the SCA for a few years due to (insert family drama here) but I hope to get more active again very soon. Maybe I'll see you around? :D

    1. well hello! I'd love to know how your medlar treats turned out. I have been active on and off in the SCA for the last twenty years (eep! how did that happen?) I formerly lived in Glymm Mere but now for years in Three Mountains, and try to make it to at least three or four events a year. Feel free to say hello if you find me sometime!