Monday, December 22, 2014

say you're going to a party party, or Io Saturnalia at Acorn Cottage

in which our plucky heroine fills Acorn Cottage with merriment (and foodstuffs)

So yesterday as well as being the solstice is also my natal day, many times over. In response, my pal SR and I decided to have a Saturnalia party, as she is most partial to the life and times of ancient Roman culture, and our plucky heroine is often up for a themed party. Unfortunately, I took no photos of us dressed in our Roman clothing, but there was quite the feast set out for folks to enjoy.

Over the afternoon, there were up to seventeen people in this tiny cottage at one time, and it became so warm that opening the windows to regulate the temperature was necessary! Some lovely thoughtful birthday gifts found their way here, but the best gift of all was to have dear friends around, with good conversations, and conviviality!

 oh look, tiny sunwheels (quincemeat tartlets
that are about the size of a half dollar coin)

about two thirds of the Saturnalia feast
(also there were hot things on the sideboard)

my friend Ursel decorated Peeps especially for the occasion...

The bacon baklava was a HUGE success! I was thinking that it might be one of those "put bacon in all the things whether it is a good idea or not" foods, but I really liked the way the not-too-salty bacon played nicely with the nuts and the orange flavored syrup. It was an instance of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. I think if it had been one of the very strongly salted and smoked bacon it might have been overwhelming and not in a good way. This was my first time making baklava at all, and it won't be the last, with or without bacon...

Tri-Met's new "beta" trip planner site sent me a mile out of my way today, and since I am pretty much completely unfamiliar with SW I didn't realise it until I had already left the bus! That was a lot more walking along busy SW Macadam at dusk than I liked. The young woman answering the Tri-Met phone was apologetic, particularly after she input the data and got the same odd less-than-useful result.

The good news is that after spending most of the day on the bus going from place to place in search of the illusive adapter cable to allow my newish computer and venerable printer to speak together, not only has progress happened on my Fox Paws knitting, my walkies total for the day is up in my top ten, and best of all, a three dollar salvaged part from Green Century Electronics Recycling has improved the tech situation here at Acorn Cottage...

December SMART goal challenge
1 red-dyed wool,
from pokeberries
hem and new pockets
on Stacey dress
2 grey slip-dress new printer cable *
3 two kitty face
shower handpiece
encased in rubber
4 four more kitty
 black pinafore edges
new bias binding
5 acorn ornament * ----------
6 sekrit santa gift * ----------
7 looper potholder * ----------
8 wool Laurel
* ----------
9 ---------- * ----------


  1. A belated happy birthday! It sounds like a fabulous feast and a wonderful day. (M lambie from SG)