Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday musings

... in which among other things, our plucky heroine is grateful for the now Very Sharp Knives... thank you Mr Robertson for all the attention you gave my cutlery over the holiday weekend!

Have been doing a lot of thinking about my wardrobe refurbishment, and planning out what seems to be the most useful garments in an order that reflects seasonal needs... Drawing the various ideas is both helpful and inspiring, so that will be next on my list, to see how the various components will fit together visually
Winter 6PAC:
  • 2 bottoms: black polartec bloomers, blue polarrtec bloomers, both capri length because dampness. 
  • 2 underlayers: black slipdress, blue slipdress, both made from worn everyday dresses.
  • 2 outer layers: Black flannel w brown stars nightdress/everyday dress. Wool robe, shawl collar lined with softness.
SWAP 2015:
  • 5 tops: indigo floral voile blouse, blue horse print blouse, brown mushroom print blouse, brown chambray blouse, black/cream hemp knit top.
  • 3 bottoms: black pinafore, indigo pinafore, brown pinafore
  • 3 wildcards: black raincoat, moto jacket, wildcard garment(dress)

Did something completely different Sunday and went to help building pieces for the special effects on Edward's next film. Fascinating, and quite happily some of my ancient childhood skills with string were useful. While at their house I got to hold a tiny lizard, and also met this impressive reptile (not tiny); nothing at all to do with their project but a treat nonetheless...

December SMART goal challenge
1 * * *
2 * * *
3 * * *
4 * * ----------
5 * * ----------
6 * * ----------
7 * * ----------
8 * * ----------
9 ---------- * ----------

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