Monday, December 15, 2014

loop de loop

in which our plucky heroine revisits childhood, indeed there are those who think she never left there in the first place...

When my pal Marya showed up at our table at Yulenage a' Trois (Tri-Barony Yule Feast) with one of these iconic woven objects, and said that this was an activity in the children's room, I lost no time in following her back there. One of my earliest weaving memories is of loopers on a square loom, and there was a whole table of loops and an assortment of looms, and several other adults as well as youngsters enjoying the simple pleasure. Illaria had brought bags full of loops she cut from clean singleton or worn socks, so there was quite a variety of colors to pick from; my potholder has all the colors to match my kitchen. 

Finished the sekrit santa project but cannot post photos, since it is, well, sekrit...

There is very little in the way of hard alcohol that I find particularly enjoyable straight up, preferring my booze as an ingredient rather than a beverage, and apparently I am not the only one that feels this way:


December SMART goal challenge
1 red-dyed wool,
from pokeberries
hem and new pockets
on Stacey dress
2 grey slip-dress * *
3 two kitty face
* *
4 acorn ornament * ----------
5 four more kitty
* ----------
6 sekrit santa gift * ----------
7 looper potholder * ----------
8 * * ----------
9 ---------- * ----------

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