Wednesday, November 26, 2014

wishful Wednesday

... in which our plucky heroine wishes she had six arms, or a clone, or a wife....

Almost the whole Blue Cedar House clan is heading this way for the holiday, and while it will be a real delight to have such a full house, is also means that there is a lot of Chinese puzzle to make room for everyone to sleep! Am currently moving various project-piles of fabric around, with the aim of both moving furniture around and therebye freeing up floor space where sleeping pallets (aka tourney beds) can happen. Fortunately the weather has moderated quite a bit, and between that and the masses of baking that are planned, the house will not be it's usual ice-boxy self.

My pal Eva up in Seattle first showed me Spotify, a year or so ago... Slowly I am making up playlists of the music of my youth, at least the more common things that they DO have in their archives, and my kitchen work is much improved by the additional variety of tunes. After all, cannot sit in front of screen watching videos and get anything else done at the same time! Today I found the "shuffle" button. I may be slow but I do get there eventually...

I have no words... this is one of the songs that has carried me when nothing else was there... Actually Quah (Jorma Kaukonen) and Souvenirs (Dan Fogelberg) together will make things right when nothing else will; those albums brought me home from some pretty far places... back in those days of long travel inner space journeying... the music still feels like a warm arm around these untouched shoulders letting me know it will be okay...

November SMART goal challenge
1 Norse collar embroidery 3 bubblepack windows broken cot
2 Mindy cuffs embroidery * bag to Goodwill
3 Quince syrup - 5 jars * bag to Goodwill
4 Quincemeat - 7 jars * ----------
5 Mindy yoke embroidery * ----------
6 candied peel * ----------
7 Quincemeat - 7 jars ---------- ----------
8 * ---------- ----------
9 * ---------- ----------
10 * ---------- ----------
11 * ---------- ----------

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