Thursday, November 6, 2014

upper half hijinks, or time for TNT

There is a plan afoot to create some new TNT pattern pieces, which will lead to our plucky heroine having more options as far a wardrobe constituents...

I decided to go ahead and participate in SWAP 2015, and this years rules will necessitate making a bodice pattern that will work for various garments in woven fabric. I want a blouse, actually I want the option of making assorted blouse-like clothes. I started a topic on Stitchers Guild: a blouse for indigotiger to gather information and to keep track of progress. My most recent attempt at a blouse, back in 2013, involved nothing more complicated that cutting off my dress pattern at blouse length, and was functional but not particularly attractive. I'd like the options of both a button front instead of a pullover top, and various collar and neckline treatments.

And a bodice pattern would be able to be altered to become a jacket. I think a moto-style jacket would be fun, an alternative to a jean-style jacket. This has been on my mind for quite a while, since I have been collecting "moto-mania", a whole small Pinterest page with images that I like.

I am beginning to have a basic idea of what I want to create, to refurbish my wardrobe, during the next six months. These clothes will either fill in gaps in my overall plan, or will replace garments that are worn out. I am seeing a moderate increase in brown, as opposed to the all black/all indigo channel, and my new choice of accent color is a soft turquoise...
  indigo floral print voile blouse
  pale blue horse print blouse
  brown mushroom print blouse
  *brown chambray blouse
  *black/cream hemp knit top
  *black pinafore
  indigo pinafore
  *brown pinafore
  *black raincoat
  *brown jacket
  (wildcard) garment
  black/blue ikat
  black/blue seersucker
  black/grey/blue stripe
  dk blue/blue linen
  blue pinstripe
  Fox Paws scarf
  indigo hat
  acorn enamel brooch
  sewing tools necklace
  (wildcard) purse
  (wildcard) tote bag

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  1. Your plans and plots sound totally wonderful! Plus I love your personal names for things "pale blue horse print blouse" "brown mushroom print blouse"
    Go for it!