Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday tidbits

There are three Asian garnish cutters in my box of cookie cutters, a flower, a butterfly, and a horse. The horse (our plucky heroine was born in Year of the Horse) was a souvenir from one of the trips Bill and I took back in the 90's, back when we went down to the Bay Area every winter to sell our wares at West Kingdom 12th Night.

It was a respite from the grey damp coldness, to walk in the sunshine, smell the jasmine blooming, and usually a side trip to San Francisco Chinatown for pot stickers and windowshopping the gemstone displays. Those days are long gone, along with the prosperity that allowed them, Bill and I travel separately for years now, but the memories are bright, bright as the gold of grapefruit still is...

Since the candied peel came out quite soft this time, and since I pared it fairly thin, it seemed like a fun idea to try making decorative shapes, just to see if it was possible. Though this would be pretty difficult to do at any large scale, the results are quite impressive! Usually all I do is cut the peel into strips, either as an ingredient or as a confection; for my dear father, I have been known to dip the candied peel strips into dark chocolate...


Since it has been a month from when I began the Great Pokeberry Experiment, today was a good day to add some wool to the dyebath. The berries have been soaking in white vinegar since October. Last night I mordanted a small amount of cream color fingering wool in vinegar, the proportion is 1/2c vinegar to 4oz of wool, but I didn't use anywhere near that much wool, so used only a tablespoon full... My neighbor friend Molly came over with a small amount of wool to try it out too; the wool will marinate in the cold dye bath for a week. Even on first dipping it into the jar, it has a splendid red color...


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  1. Happy Day to you Alison - and that Pokeberry Red is gorgeous!!!