Thursday, November 27, 2014


... in which our plucky heroine considers the twin blessings of fellowship and food, and gives thanks to Dame Fortune for the gift...

...from all of us here at Acorn Cottage and Blue Cedar House, wishing to you and yours a taste of the abundance and sweetness in the bright world, with much gratitude for the gifts of friendship and love, and an everpresent sense of how lucky we are to have both a roof overhead, food to eat, friends and family, and a life that however difficult it may seem, still allows us to discover joy and adventure...


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to your bursting house!!
    All the best.
    Claire (Our cats would love to join that kitty in a nice pumpkin pie)!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving (just a normal day for me though).

  3. Yay! thanksgiving sleepover sounds like The Best Ever! I kept thinking about your fullhouse all day. Hope you are enjoying yummy leftovers today and staying warm!! take care, stpeh

  4. One thing I noticed, with seven people in the house, the house as a whole was a lot warmer than usual...

    Thanks for all the good wishes, the holiday visiting was delightful, and now... back to our regularly scheduled program...