Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday snippets and Monday musings...

in which our plucky heroine is attempting to keep warm by jumping from one topic to another...

Making up various quince preserves always feels a bit like fairytale cookery: the delicious paradisical scent and the transformation from golden spheres into vivid red comestibles.
There will be jelly, even though didn't dig out a scalded cloth to use as a jelly bag, but instead simply strained the cooked chunks of quince from the liquid with a fine mesh screen, so it didn't come out clear as garnet, but more like jasper this time (Jelly or jam is easy when using something so high in pectin, simply an equal amount of sugar as juice, and cook till it tests as jelled, and put up with the usual sort of processing

There will also be quincemeat, which I never seem to have as much of as I'd like for holiday baking. I first found the idea in Nigella Lawson's "How To Be A Domestic Goddess", and have hence turned most of the quince that comes my way into sweet/savory little pies. The actual preserving will happen sometime later today, there won't be much, as only a few quince to start with; really, acquiring a quince tree for the backyard would be a wonderful thing...I have already written several times about things I like to do with quince:

what a difference cooking overnight makes...

After covering three of the windows with bubblepack, using all three of the spring-fit curtain rods, my progress halted because I wanted to get two more for the other two large windows... Not only did the local Fred Meyers not have any in the size needed, but they have none at all in any Fred Meyers in the entire city! I already know that the local hardware store doesn't have any... Time to go on the hunt! The curtain rods allow for the application of bubblepack without resorting to sticking it in place with tape, which leaves a mess when removed, and damages the plastic - instead, a casing formed from extra bubblepack holds the curtain rod, which then holds the entire shebang neatly next to the window...

Last week, when I misplaced my planner and bus pass, I needed to get another one, and given how late in the month it already was, ended up with a two week pass... well just washing the car to make it rain, my monthly pass and planner turned up the day after I bought the new one. Since I didn't need two bus passes, and since most of my pals are not eligible for the "honored citizen" pass, I gave away the new pass to someone at Loaves and Fishes (the meals on wheels site near the acupuncture office)... It was a nice day on Friday, cold but sunny, so walking back to the bus stop took me past "Good Food Here", a favorite food cart pod, and lo and behold, the Viking Soul Food cart has returned! Couldn't help but get a home cured salmon lefse wrap, so delicious with fresh greens, pickled shallots and dill cream fraiche! Friday was a good day.

Thinking about SWAP timetable: about six weeks to prep, then eighteen weeks to complete: eleven coordinated garments, of which one may be previously sewn, one may be sewn between now and 26 December and the rest post 26 December (there is an option for also including a purchased garment, but that doesn't apply) So at least one garment every two weeks... Girl will be getting a lot of practice with timely sewing, since my plan includes a sort of double SWAP, both warm under/inner layers, and regular everyday clothing, and my sekrit dress sewing shindig... by the end of April I should have a mostly refurbished wardrobe, but hold onto your hats boys and girls, and fasten your seatbelts, because the sewing machines (and my hand stitchery) will be going like the wind!

November SMART goal challenge
1 Norse collar embroidery 3 bubblepack windows broken cot
2 Mindy cuffs * bag to Goodwill
3 * * bag to Goodwill
4 * * ----------
5 * * ----------
6 * * ----------
7 * ---------- ----------
8 * ---------- ----------
9 * ---------- ----------
10 * ---------- ----------
11 * ---------- ----------

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  1. Ohhhh I wish we had Viking Soul Food's wagon up here! My father was from Denmark, I love stuff like this (bring on the cold smoked salmon and pickled herring, and good Danish rye bread!).