Thursday, November 13, 2014

snowpocalyplse, not exactly

in which our plucky heroine revises her plans...

So, it suddenly got very cold here... like in the last six weeks or so it went from mid eighties to mid thirties. Today we are getting what was on the forecast; earlier indeed ice pellets fell from the sky, and now it is snowing. Why is this relevant? Because the weather made me realise that it would be much more useful for me to do a winter 6PAC*of a different sort, one intended to help keep me warm!

I had originally intended to simply have my winter 6PAC be subsumed in my 2015 SWAP**;  I will probably still also make the clothing that is in my SWAP, but I need at least some of these sooner, indeed, if I had them already, they would be in use now! This would be truly useful, as the few pieces I have in this category get worn and worn every day, but I don't think about them until it gets cold...

The two bottoms would be bloomers/capri length pants, since I wear boots all winter long, and full length pants get draggled with the rain. The two under-layers would be slip-dresses. I made one of these last year, from a tank top joined to an embroidered skirt from Goodwill, and it was a perfect additional layer to wear under my everyday dress and pinafore, since it was just barely long enough for the embroidered edging to show at the hemline... If I had a few more of these, they would be worn often. The outer layers could be a cowl neck top, and a bed jacket for chilly nights when I want to sit in bed and read...

*6PAC = a seasonal online sewing challenge, to create six basic garments each quarter-year, which was created and elaborated by Elizabeth (known on Stitchers Guild as ejvc, and found online at The Fabulous Dr. E's Fabulous Blog)
**SWAP = Sewing With A Plan, an annual online sewing challenge on the Stitchers Guild message board, to create an 11 piece coordinated wardrobe; the rules change a bit every year, just to keep things interesting...

photo courtesy of Outlandish Photography
This is a bit better picture that shows the collar I embroidered, as part of the whole ensemble as worn by the King of the Outlands at his coronation last weekend.


  1. We've not received any snow up here in Vancouver BC, but it's friggin' cold! The only good thing with this cold snap, is the sun has been shining, something that is in very short supply from November onwards around here...

    1. And your embroidered collar is beautiful!

  2. A beautiful embroidered collar; fit for a king.
    We had the snow pellets on Monday. Nothing stayed. It has been cool and sunny each day and it is nicer than the grey weather we had prior to the polar vortex coming down upon us.

  3. I much prefer the grey misty rainy weather, but am well aware that I am in a minority... The good thing is that the weather keeps changing, so it is never boring, and there is something for everyone!