Sunday, November 30, 2014

oh darn! which our plucky heroine makes needful repairs...

Am entirely baffled as to what caused these huge holes in the cuffs of my fingerless gloves. But since the change in the weather requires the warmth of wool, I am trying a new-to-me method of darning repair, instead of my usual simply weave a patch over the damaged area. Instead, this has each row use a separate length of yarn, that is knit in place in pattern, and then well anchored on each edge. Start by picking up a row of stitches beyond the damaged portion...

The result is a patch that has the same characteristics as the initial fabric, in this case the ribbing is still almost as stretchy as the undamaged portion, and aside from the loose yarn ends still visible where it was anchored in place, you can barely tell it has been mended... The yarn ends will be tucked to the inside and trimmed off. This method is slower than simply weaving a patch, but the results for this sort of use seem to be superior...

November SMART goal challenge
1 Norse collar embroidery 3 bubblepack windows broken cot
2 Mindy cuffs embroidery fingerless gloves mended bag to Goodwill
3 Quince syrup - 5 jars * bag to Goodwill
4 Quincemeat - 7 jars * recycle bin full
5 Mindy yoke embroidery * ----------
6 candied peel * ----------
7 Quincemeat - 7 jars ---------- ----------
8 Mindy undergown ---------- ----------
9 * ---------- ----------
10 * ---------- ----------
11 * ---------- ----------

Heading into the last month of the year, and this is what remains for me to meet my rising 60 SMART goal challenge. With attention and effort it should be entirely possible. Has been surprising to me that getting some help from friends has had such an effect on the things discarded and the things repaired categories, and makes me wonder what a difference it would make if most of my everyday work also took place, at least occasionally, in the company of others, remembering how much more productive it seemed back in my school days, or in the years I shared a for thought anyway...
December SMART goal challenge
1 * * *
2 * * *
3 * * *
4 * * ----------
5 * * ----------
6 * * ----------
7 * * ----------
8 * * ----------
9 ---------- * ----------

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