Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday media and musings...

in which our plucky heroine takes an imaginary Swedish journey...
watching this reminded me that this bright world is so full of all number of things, plus it is fjord horses in the snow...

For the last two weeks, in scraps of spare time, this was in process, both the motifs inspired by the Valsgarde embroidery from 10thC Sweden, and the hand stitching on the sleeve bands. It will be the embellishment on an undergown for my dear friend Mindy of Blue Cedar House; I'm sewing for her and her husband and little girl, what fun to be making Norse clothes for a whole family...

For SCA clothes I like to combine machine stitching where it is less obvious and hand stitching on the edges and borders where it is visible, as a good compromise to give a handmade look without spending even more days and days stitching and finishing the long seams. (I did that once, to see how long it took; wool is exponentially faster than linen or silk, as the needed seam finishing is a lot less stitch intensive) Something about the small dotted stitches holding down the borders and bands just makes me happy, and often I choose a contrasting color to highlight those and add another layer of visual interest...

Unearthed another four bags of random papers hiding in the living room, but am temporarily ignoring them in favor of sewing and metal activities today... perhaps as an after dinner wind down I might start digging into them, but I really want to make more progress in my "things made" category today! the declutter category is already full for this month (not that the declutter is done, just that there is so much that it is comparitively easy to fill those boxes on my tickybox chart) Truly though, the more declutter happens, the easier it will be to make things and repair things...

Another good thing unearthed in yesterday's declutter was this pattern Vogue 2614, long out of print, for an assortment of jackets, view A is for a moto-jacket, something I've wanted to attempt for quite some time. My intent is to combine the relevant style details with the shoulder and armscye already fitted back in 2005 when I made up KwikSew 2895. There is an assortment of additional inspiration on my moto mania Pinterest board, and I've some really heavy distressed black denim that might be excellent for this. My memories of that job decades ago stitching motorcycle jackets will probably be helpful, as there are some features I want to add, that are not in either pattern, like the armsceye gussets.


  1. holy smokes those horses! Alison, we take up this 'roman riding' and we'll have thighs like the GODS!!!!

    hmm, wonder if there's any summer time videos of that guy riding around in shorts? ;)

    your sewing all looks perfectly marvelous. Just really beautiful and so rightly balanced. Your approach to hand vs. machine stitching is eminently sensible as well as giving a very aesthetically satisfying result. And the blue cedar clothes are turning out just -- i can't find the word as i've already overused 'perfect'. But they are perfect! They must be very excited. How fun!

    That vogue pattern looks brilliant and super useful - yay decluttering! And i'm trying to cool it as far as perstering you about your moto jacket, but i can't wait to see what you come up with. Have a good day up there - it's still chilly around here so stay warm and bundled up. Take care, steph xox

    1. Steph, the rider in the video is a twenty year old woman... though I am sure she also looks quite spiffy in her summertime duds... My Blue Cedar House pals are the ones that are helping me around the house with needful projects, and will be here spending the Thanksgiving holiday later this week, so I am trying to get at least one garment per person finished before then. Am doing my best to keep layered as the weather here is pretty blustery. Soon, I hope, I will get the dress parts for *me* cut out and the instructions written, and in the mail to you and Claire...

    2. for peet's sake! it's really not two people? about a decade ago, during some 'medi-fu' i managed to get my noggin scrambled enough to become face blind. Usually i handle it okay since i don't have to meet and keep straight a bunch of new people, and can remember gait, body shape, look of hands etc. enough to tell people apart....though i managed to blunder spectacularly at that Britex event. I thought Beth of Sunny Gal was Erin the PhD Seamstress. I can't figure it out myself, altho i know it had to do with being nervous and not drilling myself on NOT LOOKING AT FACES (which of course you get in the habit of doing after 40 years of it working).

      B was not amused. But then again most people think face blindness is like 'bad with names' when it's actually you can't recognize your own husband walking up to you at dickens' fair. I think i'm getting better and then....oh well. It's kind of hilarious, but i feel like an @ss!!!

      Oh, i've been following the household improvements and T-day plans avidly! what a nice family and handy too :) Sounds like Thanksgiving will be a really sweet day.

      And those peel shapes are the best thing ever! They turned out beautifully. I sent my mom and brother your quince and medlar posts, they both enjoy food and canning. It's not often i have something unique and fascinating to send them on topics gustatory so thank you ;) and whenever boxes arrive will be perfect. I'll be getting my old machine fixed towards the end of the year (i prefer to sew on that one) but in the meantime i'm getting quite handy with my loaner from the neighbor. It's all good!

      Happy Day! steph