Saturday, November 29, 2014

die full of pie...

... in which our plucky heroine realises that when almost the entire Blue Cedar House clan descends on Acorn Cottage, it becomes "House Of Beds"...

bedding in condensed-for-travel arrangement:::

The cooking preparations, intended to begin the night before the feast, were delayed 'til the morning, since time with friends is not about adding stress. The turkey, after three and a half days in the fridge, remained mostly frozen. I guess I have a good fridge. The turkey was transferred to a tubtrug in the bath, floating in cold water. All would be well, since our dinner is planned for evening, not midday (note: the turkey was still not fully defrosted by lunchtime, necessitating radical kitchen sink and tepid water action) Despite all that, it roasted up quite successfully, and yielded several quarts! of drippings for gravy (must google uses for extra turkey gravy!!)

Lard for the piecrust, instead of butter (or shortening... shudder the thought) - the pecan filling was made with Lyles Golden Syrup instead of corn syrup, and with rum instead of vanilla, before the ravenous horde descended... (could have used an additional cup of nutmeats, remember that for next year)
Look at the amazing flakiness of a lard crust... Mindy J Robertson decided that my idea of using homemade lard from New Seasons instead of shortening in her ancestral piecrust recipe was more than acceptable!

The holiday feast for Blue Cedar House and Acorn Cottage: roasted turkey, turkey gravy, spinach bake, mashed orange kabocha squash, baked cauliflower florets (still in oven), cranberry sauce, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, whipped cream (made fresh before we ate the pie, which was quite some time after the rest of the feast) All homemade and everso tasty...

so... after our holiday feast the Blue Cedar House folks decided that their new household motto needs to be "If you're going to die - DIE FULL OF PIE." I need someone to translate this into bad Latin for me...

Friday there was some planning of the next batch of indoor projects, to begin after 12th Night - a plinth on locking casters for my wee fridge, and some solid window valences for the bedrooms. The least crowded place I know of on Black Friday is the lumberyard, if there were two other customers in Mr Plywood besides myself and Mr Robertson, I'd be surprised... Our intention was to scout materials and prices, so there will be more clear thought and less surprises when it comes time to build these helpful additions to the cottage. We also went over the linen fabric that had been sent down by the aunties for possible Blue Cedar House clothing, and looked at the progress that happened since last month. Saturday was mostly taken up with packing everything back into the vehicles, and most likely will not be together in one house again 'til sometime next year..

Now however, it is time to put my feet up, maybe knit a row on my FoxPaws shawl, and think about what to do next... I am truly grateful for this chance to extend hospitality to my dear friends, and to three generations - my longterm friend Sharon, who has been in and out of my life since tenth grade in school, her daughter Heather, who I helped homeschool, and Heather's daughter Ellie... it has been a long strange life, and praise all the powers that be, it isn't over yet!


  1. What a wonderful feast! It sounds like a truly fabulous time was had by all, sounds like a very special time!

  2. So you managed to fit everyone in Acorn Cottage AND enjoy a wonderful feast with cheer and good friends. I'd say it was a perfect Thanksgiving!