Friday, October 31, 2014

snippets and trim

in which our plucky heroine bounces back to new normal...

It has been a week of ups and downs, but ending on a positive note, most gratitudinally. My medical tests came back well within the normal range, and my pal SR had a good suggestion on how I might reframe my thinking about said biannual experience. The case all my identity cards live in went missing, and then turned up again just before all the cards were cancelled and a quick bike ride to the DMV was necessary.

Am still going head to head with crankypants computer, hence the lack of my usual pictorial dense posting, actually the lack of everyday posting at all. However, another more tech-savvy friend has offered to go computer window shopping with me, which will be of great educational assistance. And there are still several possible computer towers that will likely be heading my way, and the recalcitrant box can go be recycled!

But what I want to share is this absolutely charming knitted oak leaf tutorial, from the same designer as the delightfully complicated Fox Paws pattern that is now almost halfway completed. The oak leaf is designed as a way to learn a particular knitting design technique (stacked decreases), but I think it is awesome in its own way, too! I can imagine several of these used as millinery decoration. One can never have too many hats, after all!


  1. Glad your results were normal :-)

  2. Hurray for good test results! And good luck with the computer purchase. When my last one bit the dust, I didn't feel like doing all of the research and just went to Wal-mart and got one without much thought. So far, it has been fine.

    I really like the leaf. Thanks for sharing. I was picturing several of them, felted and sewn to the bottom of a wool skirt or scarf. A hat would be great too.

  3. I am SO glad that your test results came back normal again! I just felt a tiny bit of myself relax that I hadn't even realized was tensed. *hugs!*