Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday musings

Several years ago our plucky heroine attempted to adopt a rescue Akita who had, unbeknownst to me at the time, such severe separation anxiety that she tried to eat her way out of the front of the house when I left to go to work... The adoption failed (though she was successfully adopted by a family with different circumstances) but it left Acorn Cottage with seriously damaged windowsills, which due to the odd size and construction of the front window, were unable to be replaced. For the last several years the curtains to the west have simply remained closed, covering the damage...

I then came up with the idea, inspired by my love of McMenamins decorative building embellishment style, to make mosaic windowsill panels and then box in the windowframe to hold them in place. The needed wooden substrate for the windowsill mosaics is now all cut to size, so one of this winter's projects will be to actually make the artwork... I have an assortment of glass tesserae in various colors to play with, as well as some tile cutting snips. Have only ever played with broken dishes as mosaics, but it looks like a gentle learning curve as long as careful with the cut glass shards...

Am thinking of turning one of the small raised beds in the parking strip into a home for rhubarb. I love rhubarb. And amending one discrete area would be fairly doable. I have tried several sites around the yard for rhubarb without success, and have been told that it needs TONS of compost/manure and probably more sunshine than I had given it to begin with. Now to find a good start of the sort that is Really Really Red-stalked

Left hand is very slightly better this morning, not much improved, a little less pain, a little more mobility. I get so frustrated with feeling like "the one hoss shay" where one piece recovers only to have another piece become wonky. Still, that I can feel at all means that girl is still alive and walking in the bright world...
October SMART goal challenge
1 gown muslin for L sewing machine shelf yardwaste bin
2 * salad table base ----------
3 * small raised bed ----------
4 * wall anchored lumber ----------
5 * * ----------
6 * *  ----------
7 * ---------- ----------
8 * ---------- ----------
9 * ---------- ----------
10 * ---------- ----------

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