Sunday, October 26, 2014

medlars and quinces and apples oh my

Two of the most interesting things this week: we had a partial solar eclipse, and the sky cleared enough that it was possible to view it (our plucky heroine used the most simple way of safely seeing it, by projecting the image through a pinhole onto a piece of cardstock) As well, my friend Kada sent me a care-package box with some uncommon tree fruit along with some apples there were quinces and medlars!

I am rather passionately fond of quince as a flavor, and have made both quince jelly and "quincemeat", both of which are lovely and which, when I can bear to give up the delightful scent of the ripening quinces, will be the fate of those lumpy yellow orbs. I simply must manage to plant a quince tree here, since they do well in our climate, and are both beautiful and useful

I have only ever read about medlars, and it will be most interesting to see how they taste... As I only have six, I am not sure what sort of preserve to make with them; perhaps these medlar comfits. There is probably not enough to cook down to make this medlar cheese, or this medlar jelly...

These medlars are not yet ready to eat; they are a little smaller than a golf ball

Raintree Nursery has an assortment of medlar varieties and fruiting quinces; as does One Green World with a slightly different selection of fruiting quinces and medlars. And apparently flowering quince is also edible, with tiny fruits that can be turned into a lemony syrup... browsing in fruit tree catalogs can be enticing...

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