Wednesday, October 8, 2014

(insert bad word here)

in which our plucky heroine is most annoyed...

home computer is now DEAD this morning... wont open properly or shut off at all... am at Public Library, my online presence will be severely compromised for the foreseeable future until I figure out a way to resolve the situation


  1. Hang in there. I have a new lap because a friend tried to help fix my old one which had a loose key, by replacing that key with one seldom used (without telling me ahead of time) That did NOT turn out well.

  2. Oh Brigid - what an unhelpful sort of "help" (boggle)! I am blessed with both friends and family that are useful sorts, and several folks are working on getting a functional computer "tower" here to Acorn Cottage. I am fairly capable of repairing a whole assortment of things, but the interior of a computer is just a black box to me...