Sunday, September 7, 2014

slow Sunday

in which our plucky heroine wanted to go out and walk today, or to ride my bike, but still too hot... finally gave in and went out for a short ride at dusk, was still in the high 80's. I sort of crave the movement, or maybe the illusion of movement.

Yesterday as well as going to the river beach, on the way home my pals and I stopped for a snacky dinner at the restaurant across from St Johns Safeway: the Baowry. I had always been curious about the place, which transitioned from a driveway food cart into an entire converted house.

The interior was half bar and half tables, with rather too loud music, so we ate out on their front porch counter seats, since the patio seating was all full. It would have been nice if there had been some fairy lights or LED rope lights on the porch seating area, it was pretty dark, and had to resort to my keychain flashlight to see the food at all (our plucky heroine needed to remove unexpected very hot peppers)

Freydis and I each ordered one bao, while Lawrence had a bahn mi. The bao was not at all what I expected, being sort of "deconstructed", with a soft flat bun on the bottom and the filling components decoratively stacked on top, more like an openface taco. It was tasty though, and combined with a shared salad of marninated carrots jicama and other veggies was just the right light dinner.

Today part of the day Kateline and I began dealing with incredibly cluttered small bedroom, used as a guest room/sewing room. It is a challenge to remember that incremental progress is still progress; four bags went to Goodwill and two to paper recycling, though the difference is barely visible. I ought go and photograph the "before" stage, because it will take a lot of effort to get it close to the picture in my mind.

What we did do, besides bag up obvious discards, was to remove the various sewing notions and fabric scraps and things from the wire drawers in the upper half of the closet cupboard, and put the bedding and pillows in there instead. Also found the bin of felt and felted wool, and the embroidery floss, both of which are needed for the sample kits for the class I am teaching later this month. So yeah, progress...

I am cogitating on how best to store sewing notions, and to store small pieces of fabric, and also how and where to store assorted hardware. It is a challenge, as our plucky heroine does not want to buy a lot of ugly plastic containers, yet has a minimal budget. But then, if it was easy, I'd have done it already!

September SMART goal challenge
1 tunic muslin for B carport cleared yardwaste bin
2 gown muslin for M shelves in SCA closet 5 yardwaste bags
3 2nd Pegasus embroidery herb planter improved funky red dresser
4 * housefront plantings
mulched and weeded
old baby stroller
from garden shed
5 * * clay flowerpots
6 * *  4 Goodwill bags
7 * ---------- 2 paper recycling
8 * ---------- ----------
9 * ---------- ----------
10 * ---------- ----------
11 * ---------- ----------

Patience is a virtue, (at least when she isn't shooting at you...) I am grateful for both the patience that Kateline has with my problematical declutter and organising project, the patience I had in doing over forty hours of embroidery, and the patience I must continue to develop in turning the house into the home in my imagination...

may this gratitude counteract despair


  1. Yes indeed incremental progress is still progress. . . you are right about that! I think I need to remind myself. You (and the organizer fairy) are a good inspiration! Hoping you have a good week and that it cools off. I am headed to Ashland, where it has NOT cooled off.

  2. It will be a good week here Claire - I have an assortment of useful and interesting tasks, and some social time as well. The weather will likely remain horrid, but it is cooling off at night, which makes a big difference. Are you going to Ashland to the Advanced Surface Design workshop with Lois Ericson? A blogger I follow (Myrna Geisbrecht) is also heading down to Ashland today, from her home in Canada, to attend that workshop

  3. I'm not going to a workshop (yet) but going to plays. I will go to Diane E's "drop in" at her studio tomorrow afternoon and have contacted Myrna to meet up with her there (yay another sewing blogger in person!). Next month, though, I am going to Diane's retreat on coats! I'm not certain that I am a surface design person, although I am working on a design for a black reverse appliqué t-shirt featuring bat-like shapes.

  4. Hey Alison - here's an update. I went to the drop in session at Diane Ericson's today and was convinced to go to the surface design wshp on Friday and Saturday. So I am going to a workshop. And. . . I have your kitty needle case in my sewing box and the others saw it and everyone was extremely envious. Practically green. I had to keep my eye on the kitty the whole afternoon to make sure it didn't move to someone else's sewing box! I thought of you many times and sang your needle case praises!

  5. Hi Alison, many years ago, at one of the quilting classes I did, we used empty pizza boxes to store our fabrics. My local pizzeria donated a couple quite willingly. Maybe you could find some or something similar locally?