Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday snippets

Well that was interesting, in the Chinese curse way; today in the mailbox, another one of those yearly "what will your Social Security benefits be if..." letters that come once a year. I read them, of course, though the numbers in either section are not cheerful. Last year, my income was the same as it was in 1977. No wonder my life seems like a struggle sometimes, in the late seventies that amount of dosh went a lot further! My life now is living proof of the axiom that "we have done so much for so long with so little, that we can now do anything with nothing"...  Not to say that I have "nothing" in my life, I have wonderful family and friends, a house over my head with hot and cold running water and all the accoutrements, and I am alive to enjoy these things!

I have been putting off and putting off sewing myself some new clothes, for reasons of no mojo (and/or because of my own issues about how I look...) This has become an issue itself, since I've a very small wardrobe indeed even in the best of times*. My grey chambray pinafore, and my jordan almond popover dress both suffered grievous wardrobe failure this week, having become so threadbare that they tore apart. Fortunately this happened at home, and not, say, while I was riding on transit, or on my bike halfway to the grocery store.

Therefore our plucky heroine must simply get to filling in those gaps. I've a good selection of cotton dress lengths of fabric, and it looks like the overall theme for this go-round will be stripey, since a lot of them are stripes or ikat of various sorts. My plan for the weekend is to cut out six TNT dresses, and make "project kits" for myself, so that I can get them done with a minimum of fuss. As an incentive to self, have ordered four yards of extra dark overdyed Durango denim - I've long wanted a dark denim pinafore, and replacing my worn denim jacket would be a great thing as well. Seems like the overarching theme of the new wardrobe additions will be vaguely Old Western... with the denim and the woven stripes. In addition I ordered some yarn for the Fox Paws pattern; the colorway will be my usual (darks+taupe/grey+indigo), but adding a subtle turquoise accent, just to be a bit different. Might see about setting one of my sample enamels as a brooch, to go along with the theme... but for now, must get back to the cutting table and start the work!

* My current wardrobe: note areas missing and vital clothing that needs replaced. The ideal is to have enough clothes to wear for a week before laundry must happen; to achieve this, there need to be close to eight dresses (autumn/winter/spring) and eight popovers (summer)

1 grey cave horse indigo/black layered blue/multi hawaiian CORNFLOWER
medium denim indigo nightsky batik black knit embroidered slip cropped black knit
2 bad girl black black bleach print black print lawn black/grey polkadot black lovechild overall jordan almond leafy * *
3 grey floral
black/grey crow * BLUE/GREY
black linen cobalt linen * *
4 bang said max black/grey stripey t-neck * brown japanese dogs black vertical pique blue microcheck linen * *
5 blue stripey cloud black/white winter t-neck * * grey corduroy * * *
6 dk blue leopard black plain * * dk grey linen * * *
7 brown acorn brown celtic wolf * * BROWN CORDUROY * * *
8 black square lace grey zip neck * * grey chambray * * *
BOLD is wearing out - italic rarely gets worn - strikethrough is worn out

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  1. I love the word Durango! Never visited any of the places named Durango but that word is so totally evocative. I'll be thinking of you as a kick ass Western woman in your Durango denim gear! Stripey is always a good choice if you ask me!