Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine (aka "Fjorlief the forgetful") now has a phone buried in a pan of warm rice... hoping to dry it out

Getting a call in the middle of my afternoon nap this afternoon, inviting me on an excursion out to Kelley Point Park and the beach - for the win! Wading in the Willamette up to my hips and THEN remembering that my cell phone was in my pocket - not so much...

Had an great curious interesting thought for my next-year's challenge, very different than my current "rising 60 challenge", one that involves artisanly creation - am contemplating a necklace of sixty non-identical links. This would be a fun way to encourage self to both mark significant moments in the year, and to not only practice known skills but also to explore other techniques and even media. Am considering having the links be a fixed and fairly small size, as a structural framework for ideas to dance in...

Today I am grateful for box fans, and for mylar bubblepack, which together allow the fact that while it is 92F in the shade on the front porch, it is 73F inside the house. The windows are all closed, the curtains are all drawn, it is mostly dark inside Acorn Cottage (like the house of my best friend back in elementary school, back when not everyone in SoCal had air conditioning), but the temperature differential is worth it. True I have used more electricity this past month than a year ago, but the difference of 14 cents a day is within my capacity to absorb... so I am also grateful that there is electricity available to help ameliorate the heat, and that even in my reduced circumstances there is money to pay the bills

may this gratitude contradict despair

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