Monday, September 29, 2014

Roman buttons, an experiment which our plucky heroine is having fun assisting/collaborating with Sharon Rose, who is doing research on what was used to fasten the upper edges of Roman tunica; my task is creating various options that she can then try in various iterations as experimental archaeology.

Eight small discs sawed from brass sheet, then the edges filed smooth and slightly rounded.

After annealing the brass discs, the next step is to dome them using a dapping block

To turn the domed circles into buttons, brass wire was bent to a shape that would be stable while being soldered in place on the concave underside, and still allow the buttons to be stitched in place

Eight finished lovely shiny buttons, ready to become a decorative addition to a Roman womans garb, to fasten together the upper edges of the tunica; I was looking at some of the sculptures and think that this size is a pretty good match as far as diameter goes

...and the reverse side, cleaned but not polished. I use large pipe cleaners to store and transport shank buttons, it keeps them tidy and together as a set

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