Wednesday, September 10, 2014

prepositional Wednesday

in which our plucky heroine has a day that ends somewhat better than it begins...

Soon it will be too wet, and the nights too long, but tonight I rode on the borderline, in the dark, along the path, through the park, to the store, under the full moon.  And most kindly, the night clerk gave me both the this week's coupon (free dozen eggs) and the last week's (free small bottle of olive oil) to go with my stocking-up grocery run. Definitely a windshield day and not a bug day..

I was reading The Archdruid Report today, and though John Michael Greer was writing about something completely different (technological superstitions), these two paragraphs seemed to me to be applicable not only to the topic being discussed, but to the world of clutter as well:

"In a typically cogent article, economist Herman Daly sorts our the law of diminishing returns into three interacting processes. The first is diminishing marginal utility—that is, the more of anything you have, the less any additional increment of that thing contributes to your wellbeing. If you’re hungry, one sandwich is a very good thing; two is pleasant; three is a luxury; and somewhere beyond that, when you’ve given sandwiches to all your coworkers, the local street people, and anyone else you can find, more sandwiches stop being any use to you. When more of anything no longers bring any additional benefit, you’ve reached the point of futility, at which further increments are a waste of time and resources.

Well before that happens, though, two other factors come into play. First, it costs you almost nothing to cope with one sandwich, and very little more to cope with two or three. After that you start having to invest time, and quite possibly resources, in dealing with all those sandwiches, and each additional sandwich adds to the total burden. Economists call that increasing marginal disutility—that is, the more of anything you have, the more any additional increment of that thing is going to cost you, in one way or another. Somewhere in there, too, there’s the impact that dealing with those sandwiches has on your ability to deal with other things you need to do; that’s increasing risk of whole-system disruption—the more of anything you have, the more likely it is that an additional increment of that thing is going to disrupt the wider system in which you exist."

Fuck Yeah!

It was a rough night last night, with despair and worry wrestling equanimity and winning, leading to insomnia and bad dreams. Somehow in all of that my alarming clock never was turned on. I woke up with just enough time to throw everyday clothing on and head out the door to catch the bus to my counseling appointment. No breakfast or even haircombing... BUT I was able to actually walk quickly enough to the bus stop that I made my appointment on time. Today I am grateful to Sharon Rose, who is a goddess of healing; without her efforts I might not be walking at all... Acupuncture and massage works, with the best of skillful hands, mind, and spirit!

may this gratitude contradict despair

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