Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday miscellany

in which our plucky heroine is very very naughty...

I ordered these yarns from KnitPicks; they will become Fox Paws, a way to bribe myself to do less desirable activities, like chores and the ongoing decluttering, with the promise of treats...

In addition, there has been much thinking about wardrobe planning, about how much is enough, and about making clothing as replacement pieces for the garments that wear out. (will admit that 'tis difficult to decide "this is too worn to wear any more" when it is a beloved but well worn dress, hence the dreadful wardrobe malfunctions) Given the desired eightfold wardrobe concept, have been thinking a lot about how long it takes for something to get from brand new to that state, and here is where my starting to record sewing projects online has been a real help...


  1. Good for you for ordering the yarn for this wonderful will make your whole wardrobe look new!, hope you will show your progress as you knit it.

    1. I will certainly post progress reports.. so far, I am waiting for the yarn to arrive here from KnitPicks! I usually "shop my stash" when it comes to yarn, but almost all my yarns are worsted or bulky weight, and the pattern calls for fingering yarn (nice and thin, so the scarf should have a fair amount of drape)

  2. Such nice colours! They will make a beautiful Fox Paws.

  3. Those yarn colors are so pretty, and will make a gorgeous Fox Paws scarf, another triumph of artistry from your clever hands. I can't knit and am in awe of your talent.

  4. My mother started teaching me to knit and to sew when I was about five... so I have years of practice! I was wanting this pattern not only for the lovely Missoni-esqe style of the patterning, but because it is so very different from anything else I have knit, and uses new-to-me techniques. I LIKE learning new skills, and this will push me in a new way

  5. Dearest Alison: Please do not take this the wrong way but you will have to try much MUCH harder to reach the "very very naughty" tier of behavior! Nonetheless I am looking forward to seeing the Fox's Paws!!