Monday, September 15, 2014

cats in the logbook

in which our plucky heroine finds her prejudicial preferences unchanged, as witness these two log entries from Saturday and Sunday...

Captains Log - Stardate19813.4:
The two alien life forms aboard are quite annoyed that only portions of the ship are available to them. Nonetheless, for their own safety and ours, this remains my decision. Our kitchen crew has been careful to prepare their meals at recommended intervals, but they seem little interested in eating. While I cannot explain to them the delay in returning to their home world, I shall do my best to distract them with affection and amusements.

Captains Log - Stardate19814.2:
The two alien life forms attempted to explore the ship while the navigation was off for the night, the evidence was clear in the various objects displaced when our morning crew came on deck. The more timid one approached us this morning with almost the alacrity of the more communicative one, and the kitchen crew promptly provided the morning meal as our manual describes appropriate. Unfortunately, it was necessary to call out the cleaning crew, when the freshly prepared food was unswallowed shortly after breakfast by the more communicative of the aliens.
Truly, I much prefer the company of dogs to the company of cats. Any fourlegged companion, indeed any companion at all, has creaturely needs and requires accommodations to be made by all involved. The ideal is to find accommodations that are in the functional end of the fun to hassle ratio. I hadn't remembered how much cats climb everywhere, and Acorn Cottage is far from cat-proof ! Fortunately no harm was done to either of the two guest "aliens" or to the house, and they went home this afternoon.

Today I am grateful for the generosity of surprise gifts, and the wondrous way that on occasion the exact things we wish for arrive on our doorsteps, sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively. I have been wishing for narrow raised beds tall enough to make gardening a little easier, and today Deb not only dropped the fixings for one on my front porch, but in addition a whole bunch of homegrown garden goodies. And today on my electronic doorstep, a gift from my friend Mary in San Jose: a knitting pattern for the new project that I have been craving the opportunity to try out, one that will teach me some new knitting skills.
may this gratitude contradict despair...


  1. It's a good policy to remember that the alien life forms are the cats, not you. I live with cats, and am often treated as if I am an alien life form who snuck aboard their starship. And a pretty poor example of an alien life form at that, because I am responsible for taking aboard two canine alien life forms. Also, I am a bad hunter. You really can't win with cats.

  2. and that is why I do not normally share my abode with feline companions... It was a lot easier when I lived out at Mud Bay, and the kitties were indoor/outdoor - no crunchy kitty litter crumbs underfoot first thing in the morning, lots of outdoor places to climb so less likely to climb up the desks/bookshelves/kitchen countertops, plus they actually were useful vermin patrol. My former cat considered me a useless hunter. When I was convalescing from hand surgery, she brought me a live mouse and turned it loose in the bedroom! "look, I brought you food, since you cannot hunt" Imagine me with one hand swathed in bandages, desperately trying to catch the mouse before it burrowed into the fabric stash!