Friday, September 19, 2014

all the week long

Look it's a teeny tiny baby rosemary (sidewalk penny for scale) - if it stays alive over the winter and puts down roots, it will become a good addition to the herbs here - my intent is to find it a nice sunny spot to live, and to keep it well pruned so it will not turn into the Giant Rosemary Of Doom! (there was a huge one here when I moved in, of the reach out an poke an eye variety, but it was toooo big, so I gave it away, as I had been told that it was too overgrown to cut back) What I want is a nice modest size one that will be decorative and useful at the same time...

This has been a week of weird weather forecasts... Less than a week ago, we had a "volcanic activity statement", and this week, the weather forecast is for "areas of smoke"! Most assuredly, the smoke from the 36 Pits Wildfire is not doing anyone any good, and the smoke in the air here, though nothing like closer areas, was enough on Sunday to turn the sky an odd color and to leave me with a wheezy sore throat. Nonetheless my most sincere wish is for safety to those fighting the fire and for all the people more directly affected. There are wildfires all over the west this fire season.

Have been sick on an off all week, so not as much as usual accomplished. Discretion being the better part of valor, have decided not to go to Summits Coronet, as staying home and resting seemed like a better smarter idea. My acupuncture treatment today feels like it is helping, as are the sea-bands. Hopefully a few more days will put the inner heroine to rights, but just in case I do have an appointment with my GP next week. In the meantime, my plan for the weekend involves short periods of useful indoor activity, alternating with rest; tomorrow is forecast to be in the low 90's again...

I really wonder how far I walked on a daily basis in years past, when walking was not only a joyful activity but less of a struggle... I took it as a personal challenge when my 80 year old Mom got a pedometer from REI to start walking more. The tiny little thing I got is not even noticeable in my pocket. I did test it out several times to make sure the step count was accurate, and it seems to be...

Well that was interesting, my first day with the new pedometer, and even on a sick day, I walked almost 6,500 steps, which is nowhere near the "recommended" 10,000, but not shabby either. Second pedometer day: total steps = 10,029, or over 3 miles. Not bad considering I still am feeling quite puny. On the other hand, it was relatively cool and pleasantly grey most of yesterday, which helps a lot! Today was hot and sunny, so I suspect that the totals for today will be less...I am enjoying the challenge aspect of having it in my pocket though.

September SMART goal challenge
1 tunic muslin for B carport cleared yardwaste bin
2 gown muslin for M shelves in SCA closet 5 yardwaste bags
3 2nd Pegasus embroidery herb planter improved funky red dresser
4 2 very tiny
Roman enamels
housefront plantings
mulched and weeded
old baby stroller
from garden shed
5 * disassemble and clean
venerable box fan
clay flowerpots
6 * *  4 Goodwill bags
7 * ---------- 2 paper recycling
8 * ---------- 1 paper recycling
9 * ---------- ----------
10 * ---------- ----------
11 * ---------- ----------

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