Sunday, September 21, 2014

a Sunday bouquet

The only upside, as far as I am concerned, with our very hot summer, is that my black figs are actually ripening. The green ones do ripen, occasionally, but the black figs are my favorites as far as flavor. Next spring I will try air-layering the black fig, so as to have TWO black fig trees, and then plant it in a different spot in the yard, because hey... more yummy figs! It would be great to eventually have enough to dry some for the rest of the year.

Though I have had a moratorium this year on bringing in new fabric, I do make exceptions. In January I found two lengths of black and white handwoven ikat at Goodwill! Almost seven yards (3 of the large pattern and 4 of the jaspe), though only 36 inches wide, but still at what works out to about $1.30 a yard, I am not complaining. My first thought was to use the fabric for something like a tunic or a pair of pants, but those are not favored everyday wear, dresses are...

The challenge was combining the two fabrics in one dress without it looking like the Patchwork Girl of Oz.  (indeed this is a somewhat frequent problem, while I have a LOT of fabric, it turns out that I don't have a lot of  actually have very few dress lengths of fabric. It was not possible to find six single dress lengths. This will make sorting out and culling the stash slightly easier. Slightly.)

After much sketching, the design that seemed appealing was to use the plainer fabric for the body of the dress, and the more highly patterned fabric for sleeves and a hem band, and add in a bit of bias around the neck and above the hem band... to me this has just an echo of the old-timey Old West "theme" this collection seems to be developing, in the pattern on pattern aspect at least.


just when our plucky heroine was feeling all useless and unwanted, this comment from my online friend mrs.eccentric on Stitchers Guild brightened the whole day, nay probably the whole gorram month, in reflected appreciation:

Do you know that every time i do a google search on 'Lagenlook' or "Ivey Abitz" a certain someone always peers out at me from the image results? Yes, it's you Ms. A!!! frankly i think this is the most enchanting aspect of the computer age. I know for me it's very hard to find inspo as my style is so specific and eccentric, as i'm sure is the case for you. You have the added burden of being the inspir-er, and leading all us poor sheep.....we can follow you, but you must take the lead from your own inner light. We wee sheep be rooting for ye


  1. Mrs. Eccentric called it! And that Ikat fabric is wonderful - you hit the jackpot!

  2. heeheee, i am glad my evil intentions (to buck you up) bore fruit! It's all true, you know :)

    aach, i've just made a resolution myself to start buying longer lengths of fabric! I've become expert thru the years at combining patterns and squeezing pieces out of small bits of fabric. But really, my life would be much easier if i would just buy the extra yard for peet's sake! It can be hard to change these habits, but i say let's give it a go anyway. (pinkie pledge)

    That said, i love the look of that dress in your sketch. And i do love the way that using a variety of fabrics in one garment breaks up what can get to be a bit of an expanse (in anything below the knee as you and i like to wear our skirts). Plus i like combining textures, colors, etc. on principle. When i have managed to buy a longer length of fabric i notice that i have more bits left to bind a pocket seam or add some other little doodad - this thought should help us to keep our resolution.

    Have fun eating your gorgeous figs and i'll be fascinated to watch the air-layering process. My mom was recently accepted to the training to become a Master Gardener down here in CA, she is so stoked! I'll have to let her know you're going for this, i know she's interested in this technique but i don't know that she's ever attempted it yet.

    Happy Day Gorgeous!!! steph

  3. Oh, lucky you to find that ikat. It looks like the good stuff, too. I think combining fabrics, even when they are closely related as those two are, creates a livelier look, and that look carries over into feeling livelier when worn.