Tuesday, August 19, 2014

two and a half day trip...

in which our plucky heroine travels north for felicitatious wishes on the natal day of a friend, bringing the traveling enamel kiln Calcifer* along with...

There is something very special about the house where my artist friends live, where even the canoe paddles are a thing of beauty...

The enameling got off to a late start, on Saturday afternoon, so while none of the three interested folks completed their pieces, they all made a good start on their designs

As often happens, there was a chance to do some lampwork, and Vesta made her first beads, with the helpful input of the talented birthday girl
~ ::: ~

Last weekend, when the Blue Cedar folks were visiting, Mindy had this very clever Japanese garden tool, a sort of hand pickaxe, with a forged head and a hardwood handle. Whilst up in OlyWa, Maeve took me over to the Westside Coop where I found the selfsame tool for sale in their nifty garden center, and I couldn't resist acquiring one of my own, using up some of my precious remaining worker member discount points. I am certain it will prove useful around Acorn Cottage, since it does a bangup job at removing weeds from places and digging rooty bits out of the cracks in the pavement.

The Blue Heron Bakery has been a Mud Bay institution for decades, and I was glad to have a chance for one more walk across the bridge and back; soon they will be moving up the hill to a new modern facility closer to the town; it will be the end of an era... Looking up at the hops growing over the outdoor oven I wonder what the future tenants will think of the space here, which holds so many memories of so many folks

~ ::: ~

This weekend I made great strides on an assortment of textile projects, as well as the traveling enameling fun and games:

Continued progress on the coat yoke embroidery that I am working on for K, which features motifs from her personal heraldry. The pegasus is done in straightforward applique and couching.

It was a challenge to figure out how best to transfer and create the detailed maidenhair fern design on such dense thick melton wool fabric. What eventually worked was drawing the design on tracing paper, and couching directly through the paper along the design line, then tearing the paper away. The leaf interiors will be filled with embroidery in a lighter green.
~ ::: ~

just in case you were wondering who/what Calcifer is?...
~ ::: ~

Today I am grateful for the sensation of wind against my face and arms, when I ride my bike to the grocery store. I have a bicycle, I have a body that mostly works, I have enough resources that I can acquire food to eat, and a home to return to.
May this gratitude contradict despair...


  1. Ahh Alison why does it not surprise me to learn that you have a fire demon at your beck and call?

  2. Many of the arts I like to play with are fire arts... I decided to name the little travelling kiln Calcifer because Calcifer travels, and because when I told my pal Vesta that my big kiln was named "Mr Hot" she suggested that the little kiln could be "Mr Not So Hot". That struck me as a very bad idea, since the essence of kiln-ness is the ability of extreme heat - so I headed off that name by immediately coming up with one I liked better!