Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday trinkets

in which our plucky heroine decides that it is time to be consider being a little more active in the "things made" section... (the other categories are closer to where they "should" be for this far into the year) wondering how many things I can make in what is left of this month

At least one project is completed, the embroidered wooly ponies, that look a lot like Fjord horses... This large patch was originally intended to be decoration on a new SCA wool apron-dress, until I realised that the one I already have is very rarely worn, since there are few SCA events cold enough to warrant layers of wool. Instead, my current idea is to use it to decorate a new everyday wool winter pinafore, as that way I can enjoy the embroidery fairly often. The dress length of wool, off black and cream, will make a comfortable versatile pinafore, though it is indeed jarring to be thinking about wool and warmth in the heat of the summertime!

When my Blue Cedar friends showed up this past weekend, Mr R had a little gizmo that he wasn't using, that he very rightly thought I would enjoy, and kindly gifted to me. Now a useful addition to my keychain, it cleverly unfolds to become a small set of pliers, and a regular and phillips screwdriver. This fills a very needful niche on my EDC keyring, since I had to choose between pliers and scissors for my Leatherman micra (and I unsurprisingly chose scissors); now I have both!

The only good thing about the necessary medical socks of unbearable squeeziness, which are utterly horrid to wear in the summertime, is that when soaked with cold water, they do take a bit of time to dry out, which creates a bit of swamp cooler effect on the legs, which is helpful when the external temperature approaches the internal...

August SMART goal challenge
1 wooly pony embroidery paper wasp nest destroyed fabric to Goodwill
2 * 2nd wasp nest destroyed bag to Goodwill
3 * parking strip planter improved yard waste bin
4 * north side yard cleared yard waste bags
5 * bathroom sink attached Rebuilding Center
6 * bathroom wall repaired *
7 * broken toilet seat replaced ----------
8 * * ----------
9 * * ----------
10 ---------- * ----------


  1. The horses are lovely and I am glad they will be on a more often worn garment.

  2. Thanks Ruthie.... The pinafore will probably become part of my Autumn 6PAC, I am pulling together a group of coordinating fabrics, and by October, it might be cool enough that wool will be nice to wear