Wednesday, August 20, 2014

tiny Tuesday tidbits

in which our plucky heroine is not really sure what is up with the falling asleep every afternoon, other than it is gorram hot out. Maybe the siesta is a worthy custom, even if out of phase with this modern life...

Another glimpse of the embroidered yoke panels I am working on for K. Just starting on the pale green fill for the maidenhair ferns; not sure if it will also want a lighter strand down the center of the "stems"  (on consultation with K, she likes the foliage just as it is, and I rather concur, since real maidenhair ferns have dark stems...)

It is rather astonishing how very many hours go into even a quite simple embroidery like this one, (over 26 so far) which makes historic embroidered garments and objects even more precious to my point of view, thinking about how much of someone's life went into creating that ephermeal beauty, most of which is lost to us
~ ::: ~

For the last week there has been no progress the only progress at all on my SMART goals has been continued various sorts of playing with string (knitting, weaving, and embroidery) and nothing to the point of completion. I really need to dig out some appropriate fabric and get busy cutting out some clothing, or I shall go into autumn as a tatterdemalion. One or two light summer dresses would not be amiss, and some basic dresses for layering... I have been toying with the idea of sewing up one or two cardigan sweaters, based on my tee shirt pattern, if (big if) I can find suitable fabric... such lightweight layers would be most useful in transitional weather
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Today I am grateful for the generosity of friends, who have in the last week given me a set of folding sewing tables, some replacement lavender oil, some lovely blue yarn, and time out of their busy lives to spend with me.

May this gratitude contradict despair...


  1. ahhh another passenger on the cardigan train! I am determined that next week will be cardigan week chez moi!

  2. Claire - since I just found the big box of jacket and cardigan patterns you sent me, am going to look through there for ideas... I REALLY need to get myself in gear and sew some clothes