Monday, August 4, 2014

sewing for my modern life...

IN which our plucky heroine smacks into the fact that ignoring a problem does not make it go away...

Back in June, I looked at the extent of my modern clothing... since my ongoing goal is to have enough everyday clothing to go for a week without running a load of laundry (so eight "sets" of clothing would be both functional and generous) I am not there by any means, and a chart of the extent of my wardrobe makes that clear:

1 grey cave horse indigo/black layered blue/multi hawaiian cornflower ikat medium denim indigo nightsky batik black knit embroidered slip cropped black knit
2 bad girl black black bleach print black print lawn black/grey polkadot black lovechild overall jordan almond leafy * *
3 grey floral
black/grey crow * blue/grey ikat black linen cobalt linen * *
4 bang said max black/grey stripey t-neck * brown Japanese dogs black vertical pique blue microcheck linen * *
5 blue stripey cloud black/white winter t-neck * * grey corduroy * * *
6 dk blue leopard black plain * * dk grey linen * * *
7 brown acorn brown Celtic wolf * * brown corduroy * * *
8 black square lace grey zip neck * * grey chambray * * *
bold is wearing out - italic rarely gets worn - lingerie, socks and shoes are not on the chart

Though the Autumn 6PAC has started, it looks like some popover dresses would be the best start to my modern sewing, as true summer has at least a month or more to run, and they also work well as overdresses once the weather cools down (which cannot be too soon for this girl). This means looking through stash for light floaty summer fabrics...  For autumn, must needs make some dresses, and possibly a few slip/dresses, as I am down to only two dresses in good condition. I don't really need any new pinafores, though will both plan on making two later this winter, and will keep eyes open for a nice dark indigo blue fabric, since the only denim in my stash is too "medium" Somewhere in there, before the rainy season returns, need to either get moving on the V1212 bodice/sleeve combo, or choose to make a different sort of raincoat.

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  1. Any new corduroy dresses on the horizon? X Pam