Thursday, August 7, 2014

not with a ten foot pole

In which our plucky heroine knows in truth that discretion is the better part of valor...

So Tuesday some mighty helpful brave friends Marya and Larry came over after dark to do battle with the wasp nest that had prevented me from accessing the garden shed, well actually the entire back yard. Don't judge me - it is necessary, because allergies, and when the pears and plums and applesies are ready, there will be fruit for me and friends and not wasp food.

Early in the cool of the morning, went to check on the wasps... the visible nest was obviously dead, but rather than get close enough to move the plastic tote, I used a fifteen foot pole, and a good thing too! since there is ANOTHER live active nest with plenty of LIVE WASPS in there!! Now I need to ask for yet more help! (because more live wasps in a nest, in a box, in my yard, oh gorram!) I used the long pole to push the tote off from the top of the tomato cage it was sitting on, so I could throw it away, and lo and behold, there was another nest inside the box, where the original nest had probably been started, and it was covered with live wasps!

I was soooo glad that Marya and Larry had sprayed the nest last night, and I am soooo glad I was cautious, and I am sooo glad neither of them were stung last night; I hated having to ask yet again for help... asking for help seems to be an ongoing lesson: how to it well, having to do it again and again; in truth, the being self sufficient is one side of the hand, and the being interdependent is the other side. I do as much as I can for myself, learn and practice assorted skills of useful functionality (which I happily share) but there are times when all that our plucky heroine can do is just not enough, and being able to ask for help and receive it with grateful thanks is yet another useful functional skill, and probably the one real new lesson from my cancer journey. When I let go of feeling bad about the need to ask for help, then I will have really learned the lesson for good and for true. We all do better helping and being helped. While specialization may be for insects, cooperation is for humans...

Good things today: no one being stung by wasps, having someone hold the Max by standing in the doorway because they saw me scampering (hobbling) over trying to catch the Red Line, having a friend send me the pdf's for the old PicDic so I can have hardcopy, and knowing that my personal Big Damn Heroes came back to kill the rest of the wasp nest...


Wooly pony progress... I love the texture that is created with Bayeaux Tapestry fill stitches. Am also curiously fascinated at the way the wool which was originally dyed yellow with dock is faded to a golden tan, without being exposed to sunlight, am wondering if it is some sort of oxidation process? It is a lovely soft color for the design, and I had actually forgotten what the original color was until I went and looked at the initial photo from earlier this summer... (rightmost yarn)


August SMART goal challenge
1 * wasps nest destroyed fabric to Goodwill
2 * 2nd wasp nest *
3 * * *
4 * * *
5 * * *
6 * * *
7 * * ----------
8 * * ----------
9 * * ----------
10 ---------- * ----------


  1. We have been battling wasps this summer also. DH sprayed 9 nests and if we don't destroy the nests after said wasps are dead, new wasps come in and claim the nests. We seem to be winning as the wasps aren't as thick around the covered patio as they were two weeks ago. Here's hoping your nests get fixed up soon.

  2. glad that you are having fewer wasps... both nests near the garden shed are now dead, and now I am feeling a bit like the Cat In The Hat this morning... ... trying to find out when the Metro hotline is open, so I can find out what to safely do with the plastic box that now has a puddle of TOXIC bug killing liquid and a bunch of dead wasps in it... I know I can't just dump it in the trash can... Still waaaay better than a bunch of live wasps!!!

  3. I got stung on the tummy last week in my own kitchen by a yellow jacket that crawled up my shirt! At least this time I didn't have too bad a reaction so didn't need to go to hospital. Glad everyone at your place is fine - except the wasps!

  4. Oh Louisa, how incredibly horrid! I am glad you were okay!! So far there are no signs of the wasps surviving, and tomorrow we will be looking in the shed itself to make sure there are none in there either...